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5 Reasons To Learn Realist 2 Before Thanksgiving

Before it is time to bake the pie, stuff the turkey or sit down and give thanks for what a great year 2011 has been at the Thanksgiving dinner table, you might want to consider firing up your computer or tablet and digging in to Realist 2. Then when your family comes over and you go around the room to say what you are thankful for this holiday season, you’ll be able to say, I’m thankful I know how to search for public records tax data inside Realist 2 (it really rolls off the tongue.)

Learn Realist 2 here.

What is Realist 2?

Realist 2 offers you complete access to public records tax data for the entire state of Connecticut, including being a searchable database for distressed properties. ONLY members of the CT Statewide MLS have access to this information through Realist 2.

What’s new in Realist 2?

Why Should I Learn Realist 2 Before Thanksgiving?

1.0 Realist Classic is Going Away: It’s true. By the end of the month, Realist Classic will no longer be available for use through MLXchange and all links that were previously pointing to the Classic version will then point to Realist 2.

2.0 Time: Even if you feel swamped right now, think back to last year around the holidays and how busy it got. You had so much to do between Thanksgiving and New Years that you really couldn’t do ANYTHING extra. Right now is the calm before the storm. If you don’t learn Realist 2 now you won’t learn it until 2012.

3.0 Knock Off One Of Your New Year’s Resolutions BEFORE The New Year: You probably haven’t started thinking about what your New Year’s Resolutions are going to be yet, but if you’re like me you have a couple of the same ones every year. One of mine is always, to grow professionally. For me it’s a smart goal to have so I can do great things and have my boss watch me continue to grow and contribute to the company. For you, growing professionally directly relates to your bottom line.

4.0 Grow Your Business: In Realist 2 you can search the public records tax database for every town in the state. This will allow you to expand your marketing efforts to reach outside of your general area and grow a client base that reaches far beyond where you previously reached. This will grow your business.

5.0 It’s Significantly Different From Realist Classic: Realist 2 has some amazing features that really leverage the power of the platform, but transitioning from Realist Classic to Realist 2 is not quite like transitioning from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S, it’s a bigger change then that. So don’t think that it’s ok if Realist Classic goes away, you’ll just be able to pick up Realist 2, it’s not quite that easy.

Are you signed up for our Realist 2 webinar? We’ve added a second one on Monday November 21st for your convenience. You can register for it here.

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