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11 Star-Studded Sites For Celebrity Homes

Smiling Cartoon starJust look at your grocery store check out and you’ll discover our obsession with celebrities. I don’t always pick up the tabloids because who knows what you can believe these days, but I’ll admit to be a little interested in how the stars live. After all, if Brad Pitt was living in a 2 bedroom ranch, he’d be slightly less interesting.

As we do on Friday’s around here, it’s time for a little fun, so I thought I would give you a list of 11 websites (you know 11, because it’s 11/11/11) that always or often feature celebrity homes.

That way when you see Jennifer Aniston in re-runs of Friends this weekend, you’ll know just where she lives.

1.) Hooked on Houses: I just discovered this site the other day and while it doesn’t always focus on celebrity homes it is currently featuring Brad Pitt’s Malibu home that was recently listed on Realtor.com.

2.) Celebrity House Pictures: This site is pretty cool as it shows you an ariel view of the house and just refresh the page and you’ll get a new celebrity.

3.) NY Daily News: Skim through a slideshow of 84 different celebrity homes starting with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

4.) AOL Real Estate: No pictures here, but a unique array of celebrities including Derek Jeter and Apprentice winner Bill Rancic.

5.) Forbes: Forbes has a pretty robust list of celebrity homes, complete with pictures.

6.) International Listings: Here are some more that you might be missing from the above list including Tony Hawk and the co-founder of Tommy Hilfigger.

7.) Real Estalker: Put aside the eerie name of this site, it’s a pretty good source for homes that are actually on the market.

8.) Zimbio: I think you’ll be impressed by the first home on this site, Aaron Spelling’s mansion looked more like a castle then a home.

9.) Curbed.com : Looking to rent a celebrity home, this site has you covered. You can rent Marc Anthony and JLo’s old pad, just under $24,000/month, not too shabby.

10.) Celebrity Houses: Here’s another great one that is really well laid out with some great pictures.

11.) CTReal.com: You may call this cheating, but just click on the link…it’s true, we have celebrity homes for sale too!!

Well, that was fun. What other celebrity homes are for sale in Connecticut? Can you find them on CTReal.com?

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