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Twelve Days of Tips and Tricks (Day 5)

Circle with the number five spelled outOn the first day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, a mobile search in Kurio.

On the second day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, two ways of searching.

On the third day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, three links to Realist.

On the fourth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, four sites worth viewing.

On the fifth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, five social sites.

I know I know, we have a TON of websites for you to connect with us on, but there is a lot of information about the CT real estate market that we want to share with you on a regular basis and so we need to be able to reach you at a moments notice. There were four must visit websites yesterday in day 4, but today I’m going to give you five different ways to connect with us on social networks so you can always be up to date one what we’re doing, how the real estate market is doing and updates to our system that you won’t want to miss.

1.) CTMLS on Facebook: For about a year and half or so we’ve been on Facebook (actually almost two years by now) and we’ve had a lot of fun connecting with you and sharing information about what is happening with the CT Statewide MLS. We’d love to have you join us so you can stay on top of everything that is important to doing business with the MLS.

Take a look at an example of the kinds of conversations we’re having on our Facebook page…

Facebook example from the CTMLS Facebook page

2.) Connecticut REALTORS® on LinkedIn: Take this opportunity to join our LinkedIn group and interact with other REALTORS® on this incredibly powerful business networking platform. We’ve discussed issues as wide-ranging as QR codes and the conveyance tax and everything in between. Join the discussion now.

3.) CTMLS on YouTube: With a recent re-design, YouTube has become even more social and now it is a bonafide social network. It also happens to be a great place to learn all you need to know about CTMLS and MLXchange. You’ll find over fifty, 1-2 minute long video tutorials on different aspects of MLXchange, our MLS software. It’s a great place to get quick answers. By the way, did you know that all the videos on YouTube are searchable?

4.) CTMLS on Google+: We’re new here, so bear with us, but we’d love for you to join us as we figure out the ins and outs of this social network that is currently in it’s infancy. Circle us and let’s get talking.

5.) CTMLS on Twitter: Yup we’re here too. We made the calculation a while ago that many of our members aren’t using Twitter as much as the other social networks because it is so time consuming and we know time is tight for you. Are we right? Prove us wrong and follow us and we can get a great conversation going on Twitter as well.

Is there any social network you think we’re missing? We’d love to hear about it. Share your favorites in the comments below and share this post on your favorite social network.

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