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Twelve Days of Tips and Tricks (Day 6)

number six in a circleOn the first day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, a mobile search in Kurio.

On the second day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, two ways of searching.

On the third day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, three links to Realist.

On the fourth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, four sites worth viewing.

On the fifth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, five social sites.

On the sixth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, six time savers.

These days we’re all looking for ways to be more efficient. The fact is, the less time you spend in front of a computer on the MLS the more time you’ll be on the road doing showings and having listing appointments. That’s why today’s tips and tricks are going to be so helpful to you. Today I am going to show you six small shortcuts that can help you to speed up your time inside MLXchange.

1.) Two clicks to all the forms you need. Whether you’re looking for IDX forms, listing forms, membership forms or even forms from your local board, they are all just a quick two clicks away.

2.) Find multiple properties by MLS # from the front page of MLXchange. If you have a handful of properties you want to find information about, you could run a more advanced search or you could just grab the MLS #’s for each and enter them on the front page of MLXchange. Like this…

3.) Using the hotsheet: Do you usually jump into MLXchange and go right to the search tool bar on the navigation menu? Why not start with the hotsheet. Once you have your criteria set up, you’ll be able to take a glance at what has changed on the market since the last time you were in MLXchange. Take a look at out how to set up your hotsheet.

4.) Use the iBubble to access ANYTHING: Don’t leave your results just to edit a listing or see the photos on a listing, simply use the iBubble to open these things up directly from your listing results. How do you do it? Check out this video below.

5.) Make a snapshot CMA in Realist 2: Ever been in a rush to meet a client for a listing appointment and haven’t had time to run a CMA? I thought the answer might be yes. Try this quick and easy solution inside Realist.

6.) Plot your MLXchange results on a map in one click: It’s all well and good to get your CT real estate results laid out in a list, but what if you want to see where they all are in relation to each other. In just one click you can get your results plotted on a map. See what I mean…?

I hope these tips will help you save a little bit of time while your racing around trying to tie up loose ends during the holidays. With so much to do and so little time to do it all, getting a shortcut here or there can only help you with time management.

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