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Twelve Days of Tips and Tricks (Day 9)

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On the first day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, a mobile search in Kurio.

On the second day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, two ways of searching.

On the third day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, three links to Realist.

On the fourth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, four sites worth viewing.

On the fifth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, five social sites.

On the sixth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, six time savers.

On the seventh day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, seven tips for photos.

On the eighth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, tools worth knowing.

On the ninth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, nine e-mail templates.

Did you know that inside MLXchange there are a series of e-mail templates that you can use, that are pre-designated by the system so you don’t have to constantly be writing out e-mails to your clients while they are looking for CT homes for sale? These templates are a great place to really ramp up your e-mail marketing efforts.

In Internet Marketing 101 we talk about e-mail marketing and how it can get very expensive, but that the return on investment is really high. The good news for you is that your investment is nothing if you use the e-mail tools inside MLXchange, therefore your ROI is even higher.

**We offer Internet Marketing 101 once a month, our next session for January will be scheduled soon and posted here on the website. Sty tuned.**

Back to e-mail marketing. You can use MLXchange to set up automated e-mails for clients and use these specialized templates to target them based on the criteria you have set them up with in your client manager. There are more then nine e-mail templates, but I’ll mention the ones I think are most important for knowing.

Watch this brief video below to see how to access the e-mail templates in MLXchange:

Ok, now that you know where to go to find these templates, which ones should you use? Here are my recommendations…

1.) Buyer Property Search – this allows you to stay in communication with your buyer even if there hasn’t been much activity, staying top of mind.

2.) Client Listings Search – notifying your new client that you’ve set up a special website for them with listings they may be interested in.

3.) Featured Properties – an e-mail that could be used when sending to more then one client to get word out about a few properties that you currently have on the market.

4.) First Time Owner – this is great for introducing the REALTOR® brand to a new lead and reinforcing the importance of working with a REALTOR®.

5.) High Price E-mail – a very simple e-mail that will be customized for each client, showing your personal touch.

6.) Let Me Introduce Myself – use this template when you’ve received a new lead.

7.) Property For You – one of the most popular templates, this will identify a client if something new comes on to the CT real estate market for them.

8.) Thank You For Your Inquiry – set this up as an automated response for when you receive a new lead, so the lead gets automatic contact from you.

9.) Custom templates – above all others, this is my preferred method. Set-up a handful of custom templates that are in your “voice” and only you will be sending out. This shows you are engaged in the process and will be dealing with all issues that arise through the home search one on one.

Do you currently use MLXchange for e-mail marketing? Share your thoughts about it and experiences with it in the comments below.

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