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Twelve Days of Tips and Tricks (Day 12)

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On the first day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, a mobile search in Kurio.

On the second day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, two ways of searching.

On the third day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, three links to Realist.

On the fourth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, four sites worth viewing.

On the fifth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, five social sites.

On the sixth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, six time savers.

On the seventh day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, seven tips for photos.

On the eighth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, tools worth knowing.

On the ninth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, nine e-mail templates.

On the tenth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, ten listing statuses.

On the eleventh day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, eleven listing shortcuts.

On the twelfth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, twelve Realist searches.

That’s right, we’ve reached the end of the road on the Twelve Days of Tips and Tricks and we are back to the very beginning (or just after the very beginning – you know day 2 where we talked about Realist.) This time, we’re going inside Realist 2 where there are a whole host of ways for you to do your searching. There are way more then twelve ways of searching for a listing, but today I am going to only cover the twelve most used searches inside Realist.

Do you know what Realist is?

Inside Realist you can use any of the following twelve searches that I am going to go over with you to look up the public tax record data for your town, your street, your neighborhood and so much more. You can find out foreclosure information and distressed property sales, all with the click of a mouse button. So, let’s get to searching.

1.) Quick Search: This is the default search and the simplest search to use. Pre-loaded by the system, this search allows you to combine a few criteria to search for properties in Realist including address, owner name, MLS # and Tax ID #.

2.) General Search: This is a search that is also loaded by default and has the most extensive list of criteria you can use to do a search. Pre-loaded by the system this search can be found under the My Search tab.

3.) Address Search: Know the address of a property, this is the easiest way to find it from within Realist.

4.) Foreclosure Search: One of the killer apps of Realist is the ability to search foreclosed property, this pre-loaded search has all of the necessary fields for searching foreclosures.

5.) Owner Name Search: This is an incredibly powerful search that allows you to look for specific properties using only the owner’s name.

6.) Map Search: Use the drawing tools to outline an area on the map and search for properties within that defined area. The unique split view of Realist, will allow you to see more detailed information about a property that is being displayed on the map in the grid below.

7.) Market Trends: Not searching for a particular piece of CT real estate, but rather some market trends? Use the map to find out what the median price in an area is or the # of homes in foreclosure.

8.) Lifestyle Search: Use the map to discover nearby restaurants, arts and entertainment outfits and so much more. Help your client determine which neighborhood is the best for him or her to buy their CT homes for sale.

9.) MLS Status Search: With the cross platform compatibility, Realist gives you the ability to search for MLS listings by status using the map so you can see Active, Expired and sold listings all on the map in front of you.

10.) Distressed Properties Map Search: Use this functionality to plot the distressed properties in their various stages on the map.

11.) Tax Sales: Don’t miss out on CT real estate that was for sale by owner or sold through another MLS in the state. Use the tax sales functionality to track down these properties.

12.) Boundary Search: Using the map search once again, plot zip code, city lines and property boundaries as well as school districts and flood maps right on the main map without ever leaving the home screen of Realist.

With these twelve searches you will be on your way to searching like a pro in Realist. Before you head to town hall, click on Realist in MLXchange and find the information you need at your fingertips.

Check back tomorrow for a special appearance by the CTMLS Singers, it is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

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