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Video Games: Not Just Fun and Games Anymore

Remember when you playing video games meant an 8-bit character running in one dimension across your screen in an attempt to collect coins? Video games have advanced well past that today to be a virtual reality world that immerses the player in the game. Today’s games are not only realistic, they are also BIG BUSINESS. Video games are also not just reserved for the home theater system anymore. Increasingly larger swaths of the population on participating in online gaming across a wide-variety of platforms, most notably Facebook. Facebook games are an exploding business that are drawing in all kinds of businesses to not only develop and maintain these virtual worlds, but also to sell advertising in them. That’s right, it’s Continue Reading

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5 Reasons To Go Paperless In Your CT Real Estate Business

Paperless. It’s been the dream of many environmentalists for years, but only recently has the idea of going paperless actually started to gain traction among mainstream business owners who see many positives to removing as much paper as possible from business transactions. The Connecticut real estate market is a perfect business to consider going paperless in. This is already happening. Everywhere you turn you’ll find paperless billing for your cable bill, contracts being signed via e-mail and so many other ways that businesses are turning to paperless operations. Why? There truly are many reasons to go paperless, it is no longer just a decision about environmental impact of overusing paper, although that certainly is a consideration. Read more […]

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Using That Shiny New iPad For Your Connecticut Real Estate Business

When you woke up at 3a to run downstairs in your bathrobe and slippers to see make sure that Santa had eaten his milk and cookies and given your carrots to the reindeer for their hard work, did you also anticipate that that morning might change how you conduct your Connecticut real estate business? If you were like hundreds of other REALTORS┬« you might not have been sure if you were a good enough little boy or girl to receive a shiny new iPad for the holidays, but it looks like you slid right under the wire and managed to pull off the seemingly impossible. You got an iPad…now what? I’ve been using my iPad for work for the last Continue Reading

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3 Things To Look Forward To From CTMLS in 2013

The New Year is approaching and while some districts in the country (we’re looking at you Washington D.C.) can’t seem to pull anything together to get something accomplished, we’re accomplishing a whole heck of a lot. In 2013 CTMLS will be introducing a number of different products/services that will help make your Connecticut real estate business shine in the new year. While our progress is not necessarily tied to just these three products, these are the three that you will see in the first couple of months of 2013 and that will have an immediate impact on your business. 1.) FusionMLS: We’ve been talking about this for quite some time now and we’re just about ready to unleash it on Continue Reading

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And The Winner Is…

As we start to plan the next chapter in our holiday stories, we asked you to help us decide which holiday story we should tell. The response was overwhelming and we can’t thank you enough for making your voice heard. With all the votes in and the tally already complete, the winner is How The Grinch Stole Listings. Jolly old Saint Nicohlas, Kris Kringle and Adam Sandler all lobbied hard for their respective stories (The Night Before Fusion, Miracle on North Main St. Ext. and Eight Crazy Sites) but none of them had the overwhelming power of the mean one, Mr. Grinch. So Whoville will be visited this year by the CTMLS story tellers. Now, our elves are hard at Continue Reading

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Holiday Fun: You Decide

You may remember that last year we introduced you to the CTMLS Singers and our rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Well, we’re back at it again this year and we need your help. We’ve come up with four options for our holiday fun this year and since this weekend marks the official start to December, we thought you could help us decide which story to tell. The winning story will get the full CTMLS treatment, complete with reindeer antlers and Santa hats. Select your favorite from the drop down below and we’ll announce the winner on Monday morning here on the blog. Then we’ll whip up some holiday magic and get to work on the latest installment of Continue Reading

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10 Ways To Stage A Home For The Holidays

You know that one of the hardest times to sell a piece of Connecticut real estate is around the holidays. Showings slow to a snails pace and there is very little you can do about it, but when you do get that ever elusive holiday showing, how can you make the most out of it? Simple, stage for the holidays. Your seller might already have done some decorating for the holidays, but if you really want to move the property you’re going to want to holiday that home right up. The goal after all is to make the buyer feel like his/her family could wind up celebrating turkey day around the dining room table of the home. Here are 10 Continue Reading

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