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Find! The REAL CT Real Estate Market

CTReal.com Hartford CT real estate screenshotBy now you probably know that over 90% of all home buyers start their search for CT real estate online. You might be surprised to learn that they are probably not getting the clearest picture of the CT real estate market, unless they are on CTReal.com.

Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re looking for a piece of property in Hartford. You start out at Trulia.com, a site that one of your friends told you about and they said that they had had luck on the site. You type Hartford, CT into the search box and voila you’ve got 544 results for Hartford CT homes for sale. Terrific right? It’s great, until you pick up the phone or click the e-mail button and find out from the listing agent that that house has already sold.

It must’ve just sold a few hours ago right? Why would it still be on the website?

Truth is, while it is important to be where consumers are, sometimes where the consumers are, is not the best place to find the most accurate information and Trulia is not the only offender. Take a look at how many listings there are in Hartford, CT according to some of the top real estate search sites.

Trulia: 544
Zillow: 523
REALTOR.com: 236

Look at the incredible discrepancies among these popular search sites. A search for Hartford, CT in MLXchange turns up a number actually closer to 160 listings. Since your clients can’t search MLXchange, the next best thing is CTReal.com where they will find an accurate amount of listings pulled directly from the MLS, 141 currently. (The small discrepancy in listings is a result of those Brokers who have opted out of CTReal.com)

CTReal.com is updated multiple times throughout the day and there is a direct feed from MLXchange to the site. It will always be the most accurate CT real estate search site on the web.

Send your clients there and they will never contact you about a listing that’s off the market again.

By the way, CTReal.com is on Facebook, like us there and spread the word. More visitors = more leads for YOU.

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