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Walk Score Adds Neighborhood Intelligence To Your CT Real Estate Search

Walking a dog How many times have you been talking with a client who is looking for CT homes for sale and says to you, “I want to be within walking distance of some really great restaurants”? Maybe a client has been looking for something within a short distance to the local schools. Still other clients might want to be near the parks in town.

It’s become a more and more common question for clients who are seeking out a new home based on the amenities that a particular neighborhood has to offer. It’s no longer good enough for you to provide square footage and yard size information to your clients, they want to know what kind of neighborhood they will be living in, before they even go for a showing.

Welcome Walk Score to your marketing mix.

Walk Score is a simple link on every listing details page at CTReal.com that allows you and your clients to see all of the amenities that are within walking distance from a particular property. A quick click will show you nearby restaurants, schools, parks, services, grocery stores and so much more, all plotted on a map for your viewing pleasure.

But wait, there’s more.

Want to know how long the commute to work will be from your client’s new home? Simply enter in the address of his/her office and Walk Score will give you the commuting distance, driving time, walking time and it will even calculate the driving costs for you. That’s right, Walk Score will tell your client how much it will cost each month to drive to and from work from his/her new home.

As it’s name might suggest Walk Score also calculates a score based on what amenities are available and whether they are within walking distance of a particular property. So, a property in downtown New Haven is likely to have a Walk Score in the 80s to low 90s while a property in the Litchfield Hills will probably have a Walk Score much lower.

This is just another added feature to help you and your clients navigate the CT real estate market.

Go ahead…give Walk Score a try today. What are you waiting for, go perform a search and take it for a spin.

Have you used the Walk Score feature on CTReal.com? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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