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Gain Insights Into Writing Great Property Descriptions

Writing good copy for CT real estate property descriptionsI recently read this article that had some great information on writing quality Call-To-Action sales copy. I have included the slides from the post below so you can look through them. I wanted to use that as a jumping off point to talk about your property descriptions.

While these descriptions are not true sales copy, you are looking for someone to see the property descriptions online and take the action of contacting you to learn more about the property, so some of these rules can be applied.

First the rules:

So, how can you add these rules to your property descriptions?

1.) Start with subjects and verbs: Instead of starting your property description with something like this, “Beautifully appointed kitchen with all new stainless appliances,” try it like this, “Step into the kitchen of your dreams which features all new stainless appliances.”

2.) Include numbers: This should be a pretty easy one to incorporate into your property descriptions. Why not try something like, “Relax in the 400 sqft. living room,” instead of “large open living room.”

3.) Use adverbs sparingly: Given your limited space when writing a property description, this is a really important one to keep in mind, you don’t want to overdue the adverb usage, but certainly where it makes sense will help you save space. Changing “this area is very popular with…” to “this wildly popular area…” saves you some space and is much more concise to read.”

4.) Headline length 90-150 characters: Your headline will always be the property address, so take this advice and use it in the first sentence of your property description. Use those first 90-150 characters to grab the attention of the buyer. You can use, “Walk right in to this 2500 square foot dream home,” to catch a potential buyers attention rather than, “Large home with expansive living room and kitchen.”

5.) Be less technical, more practical: If you only use one of these suggestions, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use this one. Boring copy will instantly turn a potential buyer into a lost lead. We actually talk a lot about this in our Internet Marketing classes and people who make the change in the way they write their copy see near instantaneous results. Think about writing something like, “Enjoy a cup of fresh coffee while overlooking your one acre of beautifully wooded yard,” instead of something like this, “Large deck opens to one acre wooded lot.” Which one makes you want to move in?

Try some of these techniques and let us know if you realize any results from them in your marketing of CT real estate. Share your feedback in the comments below.

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