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Kickstart Your Facebook Page In 30 Minutes This Weekend

Man focusing a camera lensYou’ve been struggling to build a vibrant Facebook page haven’t you? You’ve been working hard to write a status update everyday and invite your colleagues and clients to like your page, but it just hasn’t seemed to be growing. Why is that?

Is it that people don’t like you?

Is it that you haven’t provided great service to your clients?

Of course not.

Growing a Facebook page takes time and sometimes a LOT of time. Despite what many people will tell you you cannot just put a Facebook page up and let it sit there and watch as the likes come in, you have to work for them. In the end, the work will pay off as you’ll have a strong database of really engaged users on your page that you can then re-market to in the future.

One of the biggest things you can do to grow your Facebook page is to share photos. Photos are incredibly engaging and they also get very prominent placement on Facebook news feeds which make posts with photos in them stand out from the rest. This is great news right? You as a REALTOR┬« take photos of homes all the time…wait, wait, wait, not so fast.

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When I talk about sharing photos on Facebook I am talking about photos that will add value to a client, potential client or former client. As you know, not all of your clients are going to be looking for the same thing so a client who may be looking for split levels isn’t going to want to see photos of the listing you just got for a ranch.

As photos go, listing photos are OFF LIMITS.

So what kind of photos can you share on Facebook?

That’s where this weekend comes in. It’s supposed to be beautifully sunny in the afternoon on Saturday and near 60 degrees throughout the state. So grab your camera, schedule thirty minutes of your time and take off around the town you specialize in and start snapping. In no time, you’ll have an entire database of photos that you can share on Facebook.

What can you take photos of?

1.) Landscapes
2.) Parks (including dog parks)
3.) Store fronts
4.) The downtown
5.) Schools
6.) Government buildings
7.) Athletic fields
8.) Unique entertainment venues
9.) Statues
10.) Public transportation

Mostly you want to capture the essence of living in that town and what a client might expect from living there. Think about what you are passionate about in town and take photos of those things. The more you love something, the more your photos will show that.

One finally note, don’t upload all of these photos at once. Spread them out as long as you can. Post 3-4 a week for a couple of months and you’ll start to see your page grow in just 30 minutes this weekend!!

Here’s another way to see your Facebook page grow, share the link in the comments below so we can all visit and like it.

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