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How To: Use The Map In Realist 2 To Search

Search Realist using the map from MLXchangeYou may have used Realist in the past to do some searching for distressed properties or even to pull labels for some marketing labels, but did you know that Realist 2 is far more robust then anything you’ve ever used in Realist Classic?

Realist 2 is the latest version of the public records tax data software and while it continues to give you easy access to valuable foreclosure and short sale information, the new design gives you easy, one click, access to other useful tools and information that you can use in both your listing presentations as well as your market analysis.

Using Realist 2 to gain this information is incredibly easy.

Your first step is logging in to MLXchange and tracking down the link for Realist 2. You’ll find it under Resource Links –> SmartLinks –> “CT Statewide Tax Search.”

Once you’ve selected that link, a new window will open with Realist 2 loaded. (Please note, if it does not load right away, you may need to update your flash player, which you can do here.)

Now you’re ready to begin searching using the newly designed and incredibly powerful map inside Realist 2.

For purposes of this demonstration we’re going to find the option labeled Change View: and then select Map to expand the map full screen. This will give you the greatest possible area to view our search results.

The beauty of Realist 2 is that it is fully customizable, so if you like having the map full screen you can leave it like this and the system will remember your preference the next time you come back to use it.

Let’s say you’re looking for tax record sales – you can find those just using the map. A tax record sale is different from the MLS Solds because it will include properties that were For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or not listed on the CTMLS.

Take these easy steps to pull up Tax Sales going back, let’s say 12 months (for demonstration purposes.)

1.) Zoom into the area that you want to see data for using the magnifying glass in the upper left hand side of the map.

2.) Click the icon that looks like a push pin which you’ll find along the right hand side of the map.

3.) Select “Sales and Values”

4.) Check off “Tax Sales” and then “12 Months”

5.) You’ll now see red pins begin displaying on your map. These represent all of the MLS sales in the past 12 months. Want details about a particular sale? Just click the flag and a summary of details will pop up.

It’s that simple.

The map in Realist 2 is incredibly powerful. You can use it to search for just about anything you’d like. You can overlay Distressed properties, MLS sales and even Property Characteristics. It’s really great.

Have you used the map searching in Realist 2? Share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. KathrynK
    Posted March 30, 2012 at 4:45 pm | Permalink

    Hi Adam,

    I am going to print these instructions!
    This is a great reference.

    Thank you.

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