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Time To Pay Your CTMLS Fees

Ok, so it doesn’t have quite the ring to it as the time to make the donuts commercial, but it is an important part of keeping the MLS running smoothly.

(Sidebar: the DD commercial claims to have 52 varieties of donuts – stop by your local shop and see if that still rings true, I miss the old days of all donuts all the time.)

Your CTMLS fees pay for continued access to the MLS, but also a wide variety of services that can help you run your business more effectively and more efficiently including:

Realist 2
Data Co-Op
Kurio – Wireless access to MLS listings
Listing syndication

And so much more

With all that said, it is time to pay your CTMLS access fees. The fees, which are for six months of service are $157.56 (unless you are a Limited Access subscriber.) These fees are due on April 30th.

Here’s a quick video on how to pay your CTMLS fees:

If you have any questions on how to pay your bill, please contact us at (203)697-1006 or send an e-mail to our billing department.

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