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5 Reasons To Pay Your CTMLS Access Fees Today

Five reasons to pay your CTMLS access fees todayIt’s that time of year again, when your CTMLS access fees are due. While the bills aren’t officially due until April 30th, there is good reason to get the fees paid now.

You already know that the MLS is the lifeblood of your business, without it you wouldn’t be able to expose your listings to over 10,000 CT REALTORS® as well as REALTORS® from Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Florida, New York and New Jersey using data co-op.

As if that weren’t a big enough reason, here are five other reasons to get these fees paid today.

1.) Listing syndication: With 90% of all consumers starting their search for CT homes for sale online listing syndication has become one of the most vital parts of your business and CTMLS helps you facilitate this relationship. Without listing syndication through CTMLS you would have add your listings one by one to all of our listing syndication partners.

2.) Realist 2: This incredibly powerful statewide tax system is updated weekly giving you a searchable database of the most current public tax record data available. This is provide as part of your CTMLS fees.

3.) Complete training: You might be one of those people that likes to muddle through on their own to learn a system, but when something is so vital to your business like the MLS is you may not have the time to do this. That’s why we have a complete training structure that includes live webinars, in-office training sessions, brief two minute video tutorials and so much more. Learn how you want. When you want. Again a function of your MLS fees.

4.) ShowingAssist: In March alone, just under 50,000 listing appointments were scheduled using ShowingAssist, that’s nearly 5 appointments per member. This functionality is available from within MLXchange and now on the go using Kurio. Never miss an appointment with this valuable tool that is a function of your CTMLS access fees hard at work.

5.) CTReal.com: With a complete face lift just completed, now more then ever, CTReal.com is the destination for people to come and search your listings. There is no advertising and all leads go back directly to you. This is how real estate search on the web was intended to be. Yet another function of your CTMLS access fees.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pay your access fees and continue using these incredible products that you have come to rely on as part of growing your business.

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