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Where Are Your YouTube Videos?

Using video in your Internet Marketing The spring weather was in full bloom this weekend and what a weekend it was filled with bright colorful flowers being planted, eggs being hunted, bunnies delivering goodies and train whistles blowing. It was fun for the whole family and a great weekend for spreading spring-time cheer.

BUT…was it a missed opportunity?

If you don’t have a YouTube video posted of the events in your town in certainly was.

If you really want to have some success using the 2nd largest search engine online, YouTube, you need to be consistently adding new content to the site and optimizing that content for searches.

How can you take advantage of weekends like this moving forward?

Start by specifically identifying things happening in and around your town that you can highlight throughout the spring and summer.

Are there festivals coming up?
Outdoor activities that are open to the public?
Open spaces you can highlight?

Think about the things you and your neighbors enjoy. If it is a talked about event in town, then it is worth shooting a video about.

Then, you’ll want to determine a “storyline” for your video. Just sketch out some ideas about who, what, where, when and how this event impacts your community and make sure you get video footage to paint this story in throughout your video.

Add the video to your YouTube channel with a link back to a page on your website that displays your listings in that area and optimize it with keywords that you have researched that you know people are searching for. (Learn more about keyword research in Internet Marketing 102 here.)

Share. Share. Share. The more people that see your video, the more likely it will be to make it into the hands of someone who is looking for an area expert.

So, where are your YouTube videos?

Go beyond virtual tours and you’ll have a formula for success on YouTube.

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