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How To: Reorder Your Photos In MLXchange

Reorder your images in MLXchange
Photos are the lifeblood of your listings online as we’ve discussed many times before. The importance of taking great photos or having great photos taken for you cannot be understated. In fact with 90% of all home buyers starting their home search online and photos being the “face” of your property online it is the most important piece of your Internet Marketing efforts.

Once you have great photos, you’ll also want to order them appropriately inside MLXchange. When your photos are entered into our system and then sent, via ListHub, to our syndication partners, they are sent with the first few photos that are pulled directly from MLXchange.

Take for instance your listings on Zillow.com. Once someone finds your listing on Zillow, before they decide whether or not to contact you about the property they will see the first photo and scroll through a couple additional photos. If they are not instantly grabbed by what they see, they will likely move on to the next property. That is why it is so important to order your photos to show off the best features of the property in the first few photos, otherwise you may lose someone who is browsing before they get to the “good stuff.”

So, how do you reorder your photos? Take a quick look at this video below to learn this technique.

Please note we have recently updated our Rules and Regulations to allow for 25 photos for your listings. This gives you even more opportunity to grab the attention of a potential buyer.

Do you have any questions about photo placement? Ask away in the comments below and we’ll answer them as they come in.

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