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Use This Surefire Technique To Drive Your Clients AWAY

Use This Surefire Technique To Turn Away Clients of CTMLSThere are so many fantastic techniques that you can use for your Internet Marketing that will drive traffic to your listings and in turn build your client database. You can work on your Search Engine Optimization. You can take amazing photos or have professional photos taken. You can start a blog, build a Facebook page, shoot YouTube videos and so much more. The list goes on and on, but there is one surefire technique that will drive more clients AWAY from your business.

I know you’re dying to know what that technique is…


Oh you’ve seen it before where a REALTOR┬« has decided that writing their property description in all capital letters will highlight the property, make it stand out from the pack and ultimately generate more leads and traffic to a particular listing. I am here to tell you that that is NOT TRUE.

First you need to think about how your CT homes for sale are being displayed online. For the most part when someone does a search it will bring up a list view of properties. This list may include one (or in the case of CTReal.com 3 photos), some vital stats on the property and maybe even the first line of your property description. Once inside your listing a potential client will see a full set of pictures, all the vital stats on the property and your full property description. So right out of the gate this technique of writing your property description in all caps is flawed because very little of it is being displayed in the list view of the search, where you really need it to stand out.

The second, and probably more important, thing to keep in mind is that using all capital letters online leads a potential client to think that you are shouting at them. It does not provide emphasis, especially when the full property description is in capital letters. Imagine if you were at an Open House and a potential buyer walked in and you started shouting, “BEAUTIFUL FLOOR PLAN WITH NEW KITCHEN AND NEWER ROOF!” I’m fairly confident that that buyer would turn around and walk out of the property. The same holds true online. If you’re shouting at a potential lead using all capital letters, you’re going to turn them off to the point where they move on to the next property.

I am not saying you should leave capital letters behind because I do believe that used sparingly there is a place for them to create emphasis on certain features, but even then you’re walking a fine line.

Instead of using all capital letters in your property description, use that area to touch an emotion of a prospect. Tell a story about the house to get people thinking about themselves and how the house would be perfect for their lifestyle and how they live. A well thought out story about the property is far more compelling then a bunch of facts that you are shouting and abbreviating to a point where it turns a potential client away.

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