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8 Out Of 10 People Think Home Ownership Is A Good Investment

CT REALTORS® Help Americans Reach The American DreamIt’s very easy for folks who are working in a down CT real estate market to feel that the general public will ever come back to buying a home and that the market will turn around. When you’re in it every day it is very easy to lose sight of the fact that nearly 80% of Americans surveyed still think home ownership is an important part of the American Dream. It is easy to think the market may never rebound.

Rest assured, it will.

When in a recent survey of it’s readers Better Homes and Gardens found just that, that 80% of people still consider home ownership important.

The survey also had some other interesting findings which are detailed here.

As the market starts to pick up and clients start to come forward this idea of home ownership being part of the American Dream will always be in the back of their minds. People want to buy a home, when they can afford it. They want to buy a home when they are ready. They want to buy a home that fits their needs.

The REALTOR® community continues to have great opportunity to provide the resources to potential buyers who are looking to find their perfect piece of CT real estate. These folks, who want to live the American dream still need guidance to make good decisions that will confirm their aspirations to find a great investment and secure that piece of the American Dream.

You can help.

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    I believe that most of the time, it’s yes. The more you own an object, I expect that the more you will take care of those items.

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