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Compliance Blog: Inventory Watch

Inventory Watch for CT real estate  in MLXchange The Inventory Watch is located on the home page of the MLXChange. This is a great tool for several reasons. Most importantly it is a summary of agent’s personal listings, their office and their firm’s listings. Agents can check this Inventory Watch daily to see the most current status of their office and their company listings. By checking this daily, agents can keep their inventory up to date by managing their listings that have been on DRENT, SHOW or DEPOS too long, soon to expire listings and open houses that need updating. Helping to keep their office and their firm inventory accurate.

Additionally, Inventory Watch can be used in place of the office inventory book. To further explain, most offices have an “office inventory” book that is kept at the floor/duty desk. When an agent is on floor and calls come in for their office listings, they can quickly refer to this book to look at the MLS fact sheet on the property. Unfortunately this book is not always updated. So what the agent can do is simply log into their MLS utilize this feature to quickly check their office, firm and or their own personal listings. All right there at their “mouse” tip.

If you’d like to use Inventory Watch to keep track of your personal, office and firm listings you can learn how to use it in the brief video below.

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