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Membership Blog: Level of Access = Level of Membership (and Benefits!)

CTMLS Limited Access MembershipMembers of the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service enjoy many benefits from membership in our service, but most of these services are available only to those who have Full Access membership.

Agents with offices operating in Fairfield County that have chosen to reclassify as Secondary offices are allowed to choose between Full Access and Limited Access membership. Those agents who have opted for Limited Access are allowed to enter and amend listings in MLXchange, but do not have access to the variety of resources and tools that CTMLS makes available.

All members, regardless of level of access, can benefit from our training. CTMLS offers numerous scheduled webinars on a variety of topics aimed at helping you understand the ins and outs of MLXchange, how to use Realist to its full potential, how to create CMA’s to benefit your clients, and how to take advantage of internet marketing. Also available are a number of one-minute tutorials on YouTube with tips on using the system.

For Full Access members, CTMLS also offers a variety of tools to help make your job easier, such as the Realist tax search, ShowingAssist, our new wireless app, Kurio, and the even newer Data Co-Op which lets you see active listings from other MLS’s around the country. Full Access members can search listings in MLXchange and have a variety of reporting tools to choose from right at their fingertips!

It is true, you do get what you pay for. In this case, $10.10 per month for Limited Access service does allow your listings to be seen by the 10,000+ members of CTMLS across the state, as well as our ListHub partners in a number of other states. But Full Access members, who pay only $26.26 per month, have the benefit of the full range and power of our searches and reports!

Which level of access makes sense for you?????

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