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How To: Create An E-mail Template In MLXchange

Did you know that you have a nearly full fledged e-mail marketing solution right inside MLXchange?

It’s true. You have the ability to set-up saved searches of course, but this function of MLXchange goes well beyond save searches and gives you the ability to manage all of your client communication without learning or paying for a new system.

E-mailing out of MLXchange is fairly straight forward, but you can also create e-mail templates to streamline your efforts and fully customize the solution to your needs. A quick three step process is all it takes to accomplish this customization.

We’re going to start on the “Send E-mail” dialogue box that you can open by hovering over the “Messages” tab on the main navigation of MLXchange and selecting “Write A Message.” Once you’ve done that you’ll get the pop-up window where we’re going to stat.

From here, you’ll want to select “E-mail Template Manager.”

How To: Create An E-mail Template In MLxchange

Once inside the “E-mail Template Manager” you’ll want to select “New.”

How To Create An E-mail Template in MLXchange

Then…get creative. Write the text you want to include in your e-mail template and choose the “merge fields” from your client manager that you want to include in the e-mail. For instance, do you want to include the client’s first or last name to personalize it? (I suggest you do.)

How to customize e-mail template in MLXchange

There are so many ways to customize these e-mails it really is great to put your own touch on them. One of my favorite examples is if you have a property that is just outside the high price for your client and you want to suggest it anyway, a simple e-mail mentioning his/her high price (which is one of the merge fields) can entice them to take a look at the property with a little helpful information about negotiating it into their price range.

How do you use e-mail templates in MLXchange? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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