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Membership Blog: Changing Offices? Let Us Know!!

Looking Into The CTMLS Crystal BallThe staff at your service center is great, but they don’t have ESP and crystal balls are not considered standard office equipment!

So if you are moving to another office, either within your firm or to an entirely different company, please let us know.

The best way to inform us about your move is to complete a Member Transfer Form, indicating the office that you are moving FROM, as well as the office that you are moving TO. The broker of your new office must sign the form, then it can be faxed to your Service Center or to CTMLS. Note that if you have an outstanding invoice, it must be paid before the transfer will be processed.

If your Connecticut real estate listings are moving along with you, we require the approval of both the current broker and the new broker. You can either complete the MLS Listing Transfer Form or send us a letter, itemizing the listings to be transferred, and signed by both brokers.

Once you are established in your new office, don’t forget to update your office name, address and phone numbers in your Personal Settings (in MLXchange, click on the Settings radio button in the top right hand corner, then Personalize, and Contact Information).

We can help to facilitate your move – just tell us about it so we can make the transfer happen without a hitch!

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