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Using Task Manager To Stay Connected To Your Clients

Using Task Manager To Stay ConnectedIn this ultra-connected world that we live in it is vitally important to stay top of mind with your clients and any potential clients that you may work with in the future. Staying top of mind is hard work and it doesn’t necessarily pay off in the short term, but when it does pay off it can pay off in a big way.

The beauty of the Internet is that it is now possible for you to stay top of mind with potential clients without having to spend a fortune on billboards, radio ads, newspaper spreads and the like. You have the tools at your disposal to maintain that connection with people who you may or may not be working with. One of these tools is the Task Manager which is available inside MLXchange.

The task manager functions in much the same way Microsoft Outlook does, allowing you to create to-do lists and reminders so you don’t forget to reach out to a potential client or meet someone when you have an appointment scheduled. The way I envision it working will allow you to stay connected to your clients even when you are strapped for time (which is ALWAYS.)

The first key to using Task Manager to stay connected to your clients is to make sure your client records are filled out in full. Many people use the Client Manager in MLXchange by just adding first and last name, but really that is just scratching the surface of what information you can store there. You can add in birthdays, special events in your clients lives, children’s names, etc. All of these things can then be used to continue to develop that personal connection with a client.

Let’s say for instance you have someone who has contacted you through your MLXProfessional website. They have now been entered for you automatically into your client list as a lead. You reach out to them and start to get to know them a little bit. Of course you will ask them all of the pertinent information to their home search, but imagine also, asking them about their family and really getting to know them on a personal level. All the while you are filling in their client card inside MLXchange. Not only are you starting with a strong personal connection, but you’re also getting information that will help you maintain that connection moving forward.

Once you’re done with the initial call you’ll want to go into Task Manager and set up various reminders and tasks about the information you just gathered. Here are some examples.

1.) Client/Spouse/Children birthdays – e-mail a personal e-mail on that day for each person in his/her family

2.) Special interests – lets say you found out that your new client is a big NBA fan – shoot him/her an e-mail when the NBA playoffs start (June 12th) letting them know that you are psyched for the series.

3.) Anniversaries – send the client and his/her spouse a small anniversary gift. It can be very simple, but meaningful. That $10 will go a lot further then spending some insane amount of money on advertising.

The Task Manager can help you keep all of these things straight and if you take the time to write up some reminders right after you enter the client, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting anything again.

How do you use Task Manager? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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