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Membership Blog: What does your Service Center do for CTMLS?

CTMLS Service Centers and YouMost of you think of your CTMLS service center as your Board of REALTORS®. The boards (or associations) provide a variety of services and are primarily responsible for offering continuing education courses that are required to maintain a Connecticut real estate license.

Boards serve as hubs of communication for their members, providing opportunities for networking and dissemination of information on legislative, financial, legal, marketing and other issues that are of interest to their members. They often arrange for speakers and other training sessions on a variety of issues of timely concern. Boards also oversee a dispute resolution process to deal with complaints and violations of the Code of Ethics.

In addition to taking care of their members for all of these board-related areas, fourteen of the boards within the State of Connecticut also serve as Service Centers for CTMLS (Eastern Connecticut, Greater Bridgeport, Greater Fairfield, Greater Hartford, Greater New Haven, Greater New Milford, Greater Waterbury, Litchfield County, Middlesex-Shoreline, Mid-Fairfield, Mid-State, Northern Fairfield, Stamford and Valley).

Your service center staff are helpful and knowledgeable about CTMLS guidelines, and are equipped to deal with most CTMLS issues. In fact, CTMLS encourages you to contact your service center first with all CTMLS-related concerns. Each service center website maintains board-specific applications for CTMLS membership, as well as forms for data input and listing changes. Questions about membership may be addressed to the service center, and forms for changes or new membership should be directed to the service center membership coordinator. Service centers may also collect fees on behalf of CTMLS, saving you some time.

Your service center knows YOU and your real estate issues. So take advantage of the board/service center in your area — stop in or call them for all CTMLS-related questions and concerns.

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