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My Internet Marketing Pet Peeve

My Connecticut real estate internet marketing pet peeveNormally a pet peeve is something that bothers just one person or a couple of people and it’s more of an annoyance then anything, but in this case, it is an annoyance to me and it is doing a tremendous disservice to your business.

What is my Internet Marketing pet peeve? Generic e-mail addresses that don’t reference your business.

You’ve seen them before, a licensed CT REALTOR® with an e-mail address that looks something like this joesmith12653@aol.com or isellhomes@snet.net. These e-mail addresses drive me NUTS. Am I overreacting? Maybe a little for effect, but truth be told they bother me so much because they scream of missed opportunity.

Here’s a scenario. A potential client finds your Connecticut real estate listing on CTReal.com. They click the “Contact Agent” button to reach out to you and never see your e-mail address. You respond back to them with your generic e-mail address of michaelphelpsrealestate@gmail.com and they never get it, why, because they deleted it thinking it was spam.

This is not far-fetched. I NEVER open e-mail from someone that I don’t know or don’t recognize the address of and even if I recognize the name if it comes from Gmail or AOL or any other third party vendor I usually delete it right away. Spam is a very real concern and if there is any level of uncertainty I won’t take the chance.

I am not alone. There are many consumers who will do exactly the same thing and if they are smart, all of them will do the same thing.

Let’s play that scenario out. They delete your e-mail and send it to spam, you try again, with the same results. Then having no luck with getting any answers from you they move on to another agent who has a domain that suits his/her business, the get in touch and sell this potential client a $500,000 home, that’s a commission that should’ve been yours.

This is a problem that is easily overcome. If you have your own website, point your generic account to your name @ your domain.com. If you don’t have your own website, stop right now and BUY it, for $10 a year it’s worth having it, even if you aren’t going to do anything with it, just so your e-mail makes it through to potential clients.

As you can see, it’s more then a pet peeve, it’s a practical matter that could mean the difference between real business and the spam filters.

Do you have a generic e-mail address? Share your experiences with this type of address in the comments below.

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