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Be You. Be Unique.

Be You.  Be Unique.

What sets you apart from other Connecticut real estate professionals?

Do you sell more homes? Maybe.

Do you have a bigger marketing budget? Maybe.

Do you have more connections? Maybe.

Think about this question in a deeper way though. What truly makes you unique. What is something that should make a lead go from considering a number of different CT REALTORS® to ultimately choosing you?

I’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with volume of sales, marketing budgets or connections. It doesn’t even have to do with your fancy business cards or your souped up Facebook page.

What can ultimately seal the deal and turn a lead into a client?


That’s right, plain and simple it’s about you. Sure all of the other things are important and good to share, but ultimately it comes down to does the lead connect with you enough to trust you with one of the biggest decisions they will make in their entire lives.

You’re probably thinking about how badly that stinks right? So it comes down to an intangible that you can’t fit on a business card or brag about using numbers. The person that is uniquely you isn’t a slogan or a head shot.

The person that is uniquely you is spending time with your family at the beach, visiting friends for a glass of wine at dinner, playing softball on the weekends and chasing after your dog at the dog park. This is the person a lead will connect with and this is the person that a lead will want to work with.

I am not suggesting shedding the business suit and the fancy listing presentation packages, these are important. I am suggesting that you shed the stuffy business facade and let your lead see the real you.

Ultimately what is uniquely you will seal the deal.

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