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Fusion MLS Not Quite Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion vs Fusion MLS CTMLSIf you’re anything like me, science wasn’t quite your thing in high school. Heck, if you’re anything like me, science was NEVER your thing. No matter how hard I tried to be interested in erupting volcanoes and the periodic table of elements, I just couldn’t get my mind wrapped around it.

The closest I’ve come to getting into science is my love of The Big Bang Theory (I’m telling you now if you don’t already watch this show, you need to start.)

Knowing that, it’s curious why Cold Fusion popped into my head when thinking about Fusion MLS. I don’t know what Cold Fusion is, although I could recite to you the wikipedia entry because I just looked it up, but other than that I am at a loss. I do know it is over my head completely. I am sure Mr. Wizard could explain it to me and I would still be lost.

The good news is, even though Fusion MLS got me thinking about Cold Fusion, it is not even close to the complexity of the “proposed type of nuclear reaction that would occur at relatively low temperatures compared with hot fusion.” If you can decipher that quote from the wikipedia page you win my undying respect and admiration.

Fusion MLS is far more straight forward. In fact, it is quite similar to MLXchange. The system was designed with the learning curve in mind for all of our members who don’t have the time to sit down and learn a completely new system, structured differently and with new and confusing modules. When you first log in to Fusion MLS you’ll notice that using it has a large number of similarities with MLXchange.

Of course there are differences between the two systems, but many of them are not visible to you, the end user. The under the hood improvements made it possible to access Fusion MLS from any web browser and virtually any device you could possibly imagines. The improvements made the system faster and easier to use. They did not make it more complicated or drastically change how you go about doing your day to day work within the MLS system, in fact the overall functionality is very similar.

A lot of the changes that were implemented will make your job easier. Here’s a great example. Right now with MLXchange, when entering a new listing you have to use your mouse to move from field to field in the listing entry form. In Fusion MLS, as in most web based programs these days, to move from field to field, you can simply hit the tab key and your cursor will jump to the next data entry field. This is just one among many small improvements that will have a huge impact on how you use the system.

Fusion MLS is currently in beta testing and will be released to the full CTMLS membership sometime in late summer or early fall. These great changes will help you accomplish your business in a more efficient manner and we’re excited to open them up to you to use.

Are you a beta tester? What other small changes have you noticed in Fusion MLS? Share your comments below.

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