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Why You Should Continue To Improve Your MLXchange Skills

Learning MLXchange To Prepare for a Less Steep Learning Curve in Fusion MLS You’ve heard us talking about the release of Fusion MLS for a while now. It’s going to be great. There will be the ability to access CT real estate information from any device (including a MAC and an iPad), the ability to access it from any web browser and much much more.

Why then, you might ask, should I continue to improve on my MLXchange skills if we’re just moving over to a new system over the next few months?

Good question and here’s the answer.

Fusion MLS gives you some great added new functionality, but it also keeps in tact much of the core of MLXchange. Once inside you’ll notice that many of the changes that were made in this new generation of MLS have been behind the scenes to improve speed, ease of use, etc. This is great news for you, the end user. You get a more robust experience that is easier to use while still putting your MLXchange skills to the test each and every day.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things you’ll need to learn within Fusion MLS and you’ll want to learn them because they will make your life a whole lot easier on a day to day basis, but for core functionality, much of that has been left in tact from MLXchange.

So don’t skip out on our next MLXchange webinar because you think it’s a waste of time given the imminent release of Fusion, far from it. The more you know about MLXchange the less steep your learning curve will be when we release the new system to the entire membership.

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