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10 Blog Posts You Can Write Today

Where I Get My Ideas For This CTMLS BlogIf you’ve read any of my writing about Internet Marketing, you know that I am BIG on blogging. Blogging can have a tremendous impact on your Connecticut real estate business. It can help you get found in search engines. It can get your name shared on social network sites. It can position you as an expert in your local market. It also has the added benefit of helping you work out ideas and marketing strategies that you’ve been thinking about for a while, but that would benefit from some outside exposure.

Please, whatever you do, DON’T write for other REALTORS┬«. Your blog is meant to attract new clients, not new agents.

You know it’s important, but you have a hard time finding things to write about right? I feel your pain. I write two blogs daily for CTMLS, this one and the CTReal blog and it can be challenging to come up with something to write for each one of them each day or week for that matter, but I recognize the importance of it and I have the luxury of time on my side, so it lightens the burden a little bit.

With that in mind, I thought I would come up with 10 blog posts for you, so you can take them and run with them.

1.) State of The Market: Like a State of the Union speech, what is your assessment of your local market and how can you help a potential client buy/sell their home.

2.) Local Attractions: Everything from parks and swimming holes to museums and amusement parks are fair game for a post like this, to help your potential clients get to know the town they are considering moving into.

3.) Resources: Write a post about the cable companies available to residents, the electric company, the phone company, etc. Give a broad picture of all the services available to home owners in your town. Don’t forget to link to each company’s website.

4.) Word On The Street: Reach out to your past clients and ask them why they love to live in the town you represent. Use their quotes to build a blog post. Make sure to get their permission first.

5.) Summer Festivals: Most towns have some sort of festival in the summer. This would be a great time to feature what your town has to offer. Talk about what makes it special and why residents love it.

6.) Olympic History: The London Olympics are fast approaching, does your town have any Olympic history to talk about? Famous athletes from your town? A quick wikipedia search will help you out on this.

7.) What to Wear: No this isn’t a fashion blog post, it’s about the weather. What is the typical climate and weather pattern for your town. Let people who are interested in moving there know what to expect.

8.) Stay Connected: What online resources (besides your blog) can people find information about your town? Can they find resources on Facebook? Does your town have a website? This is a great post that can be easy to research.

9.) Add A Little History: As a local resident, what changes have you seen over the last 5, 10, 15, 30 years in your town? How has it made life in town different? Better or worse?

10.) The Future’s So Bright: If you said, I gotta wear shades, after that headline, you’re a child of the 80’s. If you did not, look at it as another way to dig into your blog. A post about what the future has in store for your town. Is there a new mall coming to the area, new bridges, parks, etc. What is in the works in your town and how will it make life better?

I hope these ideas get you started. When you’re writing your blog post, please don’t forget keywords, keywords, keywords. If you don’t know what keywords are, you shouldn’t be blogging until you know what they are.

Are you blogging? Share the link to your blog in the comments below.

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