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Compliance Blog: Extensions

Connecticut real estate extensions
When a Connecticut real estate listing expires, CTMLS gives a three (3) day window for a Participant / Subscriber to edit the listing and extend it out, providing they have the proper signed paperwork from the seller. This three (3) day window also applies to seller(s) dated signature(s) on this extension form. Meaning the seller(s) must sign and date the extension no later than three days from the listing expiration date. Extensions dated later than three days of the listing expiration date will not be accepted by CTMLS. However, if the seller signs and dates the extension within the three (3) days, but for whatever reason, does not give it to the Participant / Subscriber in time, it becomes a CTMLS function. At this point the Participant / Subscriber would need to fax the signed listing extension in to CTMLS for CTMLS staff to process the change.

NOTE: when making a listing extension change in the MLS, they MUST also change the status back to ACTive. Otherwise the listing will remain on EXPired status. The system will not change EXPired to ACTtive when the date is changed.

If the Participant /Subscriber forgets to change the status back to ACTive, they should be able to go immediately back in and correct it. However, if for some reason they forgot or can’t, they should contact CTMLS to make this correction.

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