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CTMLS Chooses Not To Adopt RPR At This Time

REALTOR Property Resource
After careful review and consideration of the REALTOR® Property Resource (RPR) and other similar products, the CTMLS Board of Directors has decided not to adopt RPR at this time.

CTMLS Services vs. RPR:

When comparing RPR to the products and services CTMLS already offers (especially the statewide tax data, foreclosure data, REO, and short sale data) it became clear that CTMLS’ Realist data was both more accurate and more frequently updated than what RPR currently provides. Our conclusion was confirmed by multiple other MLSs that have adopted RPR, but found it fell short of their expectations.

As a product of the National Association of REALTORS® and paid for by your REALTOR® dues dollars, the goal of RPR is for it to be accessible to all REALTORS® – regardless of whether their MLS adopts RPR or not.

The decision by CTMLS not to provide data to RPR has nothing to do with fact that Connecticut REALTORS® cannot access RPR today and in fact, RPR has tentatively scheduled to open access to all REALTORS® by the end of 2012 – again, even if CTMLS does not adopt RPR. Once opened to all REALTORS®, the nationwide tax data, demographics, and all other RPR products and services will be available to Connecticut REALTORS® – excepting those portions where merged MLS/public records data are used.

For a link to a comprehensive comparison of what functionality CTMLS provides vs. what RPR offers, click here.

The CTMLS Board of Directors will continue to review the progress of RPR and other similar products. If in the future we find a superior product or service to what we currently offer, we will be the first in line to bring it to the membership.

If you have any questions about RPR, or would like to learn how Realist already does what RPR offers – plus some! – please feel free to contact the CTMLS Trainer, Lauren Egan through our contact form here.

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