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Why Your Social Media Efforts Aren’t Working

Yoda on Passion and social media for Connecticut REALTORS CTMLSI hear it all the time from Connecticut REALTORS®, “I would do social media, but I don’t think it works.” Truth be told, it probably doesn’t work. You probably post to Facebook a million times a day and no one ever responds. Maybe you spend your day buried in Twitter and get no retweets. YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all the same story, nothing to show for your efforts.

Then the question becomes, WHY.

Why aren’t I getting people to like my page?

Why aren’t people following me? Subscribing to me? Re-pinning me?

The simple answer is, you’re trying too hard.

There, I said it.

It’s true, you’re trying too hard.

Let me tell you a story about a Facebook page owner who is having tremendous success using the medium. I will leave names and links out of it so as to not bias the success story. This business owner, has not even launched a website yet for her products, but she has already developed a big following on Facebook. She’s not an Internet Marketing phenom. She’s not a social media guru. So what’s her trick? She exudes passion for her business.

We all say we’re passionate about Connecticut real estate, but how do we show it in social media? Are you sharing open houses? Boring. Are you posting each listing you have available? Someone hit the snooze button. This is not engagement this is self promotion and it doesn’t work.

What does work is talking about the towns you represent in a way that offers value and demonstrates your knowledge. Share photos of events happening around your community. Shoot video of scenic spots for people thinking about moving to the area to enjoy. Why do you love the area? Engage people in a conversation about your town and why it is a great place to live. Share links about your town. These are things that show you are passionate.

Being a REALTOR® on social media doesn’t work. What works is being a citizen of a wonderful community that you love and sharing that passion and excitement for your area with others online.

The business owner I used as an example regularly posts photos and updates that seem organic and show a genuine interest in all things related to her business which happens to be a clothing business. She is not posting about which fabric she uses or which stitch she hemmed this morning. She is connecting on an emotional level, not a business level.

Connect first. Sell later.

Why are you passionate about your area? Share some thoughts in the comments below and include your Facebook page so we can like it for you and get the ball rolling.

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