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Top Ten FusionMLS Enhancements #8 – Gallery View

Happy October 1st.

Scenes from CT in October with CTMLS

Normally October 1st would be just another day, but today is the start of FusionMLS month. It’s been a long time coming and we are thrilled to start our training on FusionMLS in earnest, in fact as I write this right now our first set of training is off and running.

There are many reasons to celebrate the coming of FusionMLS. In case you missed it we already covered a couple of them including the e-mail auto pre-fill and the new Details View – New Demographic Reports & Link To Client. We’re not even close to done.

Today let’s talk about the brand spanking new Gallery View inside FusionMLS. No longer do you have to look at tiny little photos in a difficult to navigate interface in MLXchange. Now the pictures are front and center and easy to browse.

There are a couple of components to the gallery view. The first and my favorite is the image carousel in the listing results view. Styled after the popular Cover Flow view in iTunes, this functionality makes flipping through property images as easy as finding your favorite record in your stacks of Jefferson Starship and the Beatles. Take a look at a brief video below.

After you’ve picked out the properties you’re interested in, in the property detail view their is a beautiful new photo gallery feature that makes browsing through the photos of a property more quickly and easily then in MLXchange.

CTMLS FusionMLS Photo Gallery

This photo gallery can also be viewed from the listing results grid by hovering over the number on the far left hand side of the grid for the property you want to look at and selecting the camera icon.

Just another enhancement that we think will save you time and effort in finding the properties that are right for your clients in FusionMLS.

Are you using FusionMLS? Share your feedback in the comments below for all to read.

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  1. Scott Holmes
    Posted October 24, 2012 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

    Search features greatly enhanced!

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