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Compliance Blog: Verify Your Listing Data

Trust but verify your CTMLS CT Real estate informationAt CTMLS we are pleased to provide you with a number of tools that streamline the information you have available to you about a particular property. Take for instance Realist 2 which puts take records data right at your fingertips. It makes it easy to skip over the most critical part of your job and that is doing your due diligence.

While some of these tools can make practicing CT real estate a whole lot easier, they are no substitute for following through with the town hall to verify the information provided within.

Also, it’s worth noting that it’s not just important to verify the information found within the tools provided by the MLS, but also to verify the information provided to you by the homeowner themselves.

You know the old saying, “trust but verify.”

Here’s a little more about verifying property information from our friends at CAR.

Legal Tip: Verify a Property’s Attributes With Town Hall
Listing agents and buyer agents alike should verify at Town Hall that the property listed or under consideration to buy is what the seller says it is. Is this really a four bedroom house when the property assessor’s field card and the tax assessor say it’s a two bedroom house? Did the seller or his contractor take out a building permit for the renovations or did the seller make the improvements by himself with no permit? Was a Certificate of Occupancy ever issued? Is that attic apartment that’s being rented out allowed in this property’s residential zone? Agents should know the answers to these questions when listing property and when discussing properties their buyers are considering buying.

Do you always verify the information you provide to the MLS with town hall? Share your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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