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5 Things You Can Do During #Frankenstorm To Improve Your Internet Marketing


It’s coming, a historic storm that could present some similar outcomes to Hurricane Irene and is drawing comparisons to centuries old storms. Hurricane Sandy is set to make landfall somewhere between New Jersey and Connecticut and with the prospect of a huge storm it’s always my plan to hunker down and ride out the storm in the comfort of my own home.

If you’re like me, then you probably already have your plans laid out for the weekend, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to work on your Internet Marketing while you’re buried under a blanket, in fact, that would be a perfect time to focus on some of the things that you know are important but that you just haven’t had time to do.

Grab your iPad or your laptop this weekend and start checking off these items from your to-do list and you’ll be in a strong position to jump start your internet marketing post-Frankenstorm.

1.) Research keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Start here. Not sure what SEO is or how to get started? Review this resource.

2.) Start your blog: Blogging is a critical piece to your Internet Marketing efforts, but it’s often one of the last things that REALTORS┬« do. Change that this weekend.

3.) Delete any stale and unused social media accounts: If you’re like me you sign up for every new social network that comes out and then it sits dormant for months with no content on it at all, this looks awful to prospective clients. These sites will get found and you will be judged by clients on what they find. It’s better for them to find nothing then to find a whole bunch of somethings with nothing on them.

4.) Update your Facebook profile: This is one you don’t want to delete, in fact, you really need to focus on it. With over 1 billion users and nearly 2 million here in Connecticut, Facebook is a key to unlocking HUGE social media potential for your business.

5.) Google yourself: Knowing what prospects will see when they Google you is important, because trust me they will Google you. If you don’t like what you see, get to work on changing it.

These five things are pretty simple to do and can be done on any of your devices, so you can cuddle up, look out the window and laugh at the #Frankenstorm while it blows through and you knock out some important to dos on your Internet Marketing list.

What is on your #Frankenstorm To Do List? Share it in the comments below.

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