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5 Quick Tutorials To Get The Most Out Of MLXchange

The secret is out, practicing Connecticut real estate is time consuming and requires great attention to detail. As a REALTOR® your time is your currency and it’s stretched pretty thin. That’s why we think it’s important to give you training in quick and easy bites so you can learn the MLXchange system without costing yourself any business. We have 50+ 1-2 minute long video tutorials that will help walk you through various aspects of your day to day use of MLXchange, but I picked out five of them that I think will be incredibly helpful. If you want to view more of them, they are all available on the CTMLS YouTube channel. Take a moment and review these brief tutorials Continue Reading

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Why You Should Continue To Improve Your MLXchange Skills

You’ve heard us talking about the release of Fusion MLS for a while now. It’s going to be great. There will be the ability to access CT real estate information from any device (including a MAC and an iPad), the ability to access it from any web browser and much much more. Why then, you might ask, should I continue to improve on my MLXchange skills if we’re just moving over to a new system over the next few months? Good question and here’s the answer. Fusion MLS gives you some great added new functionality, but it also keeps in tact much of the core of MLXchange. Once inside you’ll notice that many of the changes that were made in Continue Reading

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Where To Find It: CTMLS Documents in MLXchange

The good news is, by reading this, you’re already in the right place to find all of the documents you might need to interact with CTMLS. You’ve got your CTMLS Rules and Regulations, a simple place to grab all of our forms and you can even do some digging in to our statistics. The bad news is, you’re not always on this site to find that information. Where is the one place you go EVERYDAY? If you answered MLXchange then you might be a REALTOR® with the CTMLS. If you’re in MLXchange and you find yourself needing to take a peak at the CTMLS Rules and Regulations or are curious about the most recent statewide statistics, there’s one simple place Continue Reading

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How To: Create An E-mail Template In MLXchange

Did you know that you have a nearly full fledged e-mail marketing solution right inside MLXchange? It’s true. You have the ability to set-up saved searches of course, but this function of MLXchange goes well beyond save searches and gives you the ability to manage all of your client communication without learning or paying for a new system. E-mailing out of MLXchange is fairly straight forward, but you can also create e-mail templates to streamline your efforts and fully customize the solution to your needs. A quick three step process is all it takes to accomplish this customization. We’re going to start on the “Send E-mail” dialogue box that you can open by hovering over the “Messages” tab on the Continue Reading

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What Does Internet Y/N Mean Inside MLXchange?

I’m glad you asked. When entering a listing into MLXchange you may have noticed three fields that require a Y/N and relate to the Internet. These fields relate to your listings and where you want them to go on the Internet. It’s pretty straightforward actually. Here’s the section of the listing input field that I am talking about: Let’s take these one at a time. The first one is the one that really needs some explanation. This field describes a group of websites that your listings can be syndicated to through our ListHub partner. All Brokers are currently opted in to these selections and their listings will be syndicated to 10 of the top real estate search sites on the Continue Reading

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5 Must-Know MLXchange Shortcuts

We’re all pressed for time and when you’re navigating MLXchange to find what you are looking for you’re better off using a few shortcuts that will help you get to the information in the shortest possible time. Whether you’re heading off to a client meeting or late for an office meeting, these shortcuts will come in handy so you can be ready with every piece of information that your clients or office mates are relying on you for. These few tips will allow you access crucial information on the market in general and on a particular property. 1.) The Hotsheet: You may be familiar with this tool in MLXchange, but did you know you can customize this to truly give Continue Reading

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The iPad, MLXchange and You

We’ve been getting a lot of calls around here about the iPad and how it interfaces with MLXchange. The easy answer is, it doesn’t. The more in depth answer can be found in the video below. On this site before we’ve talked about whether or not you should consider purchasing the new iPad, but whether you have the original iPad, iPad 2 or the iPad 3, you will have the same luck accessing MLXchange. As for other tablets, in it’s current form, MLXchange will not work with these other tablets either. However, FusionMLS, mentioned in the video above, will be natively compatible with any tablet that runs flash. Fusion will also run on any web browser. Bottom line, should you Continue Reading

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