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Get Your Listings In More Search Results

According to a recent study by Google, home buyers run 11 searches before taking any kind of action on real estate search sites. What does this mean? It means that if your listings are optimized for good placement, with better photos and more enticing property descriptions you might be able to get them into that 10th search and drive a lead. It sounds impossible, but it’s really not that difficult. Working with your listings inside the MLS and using tried and true Internet Marketing techniques, you’ll be able to increase the exposure of your listings without paying a fortune to those third party search engines who will remain nameless. Where do you begin? Start here with our Internet Marketing 101 Continue Reading

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Why You Should Buy A Super Bowl Ad For Your CT Real Estate Listing

Those that read this space on a fairly regular basis know that I am not exactly one to tout the benefits of expensive and often unpredictable traditional marketing techniques, but in this one case I am going to suspend my beliefs and go with my instincts. Yes, I, the Internet Marketing fiend and suggesting that you buy a television commercial during the Super Bowl. Now hear me out…I’m not recommending scraping together all of the pennies under the cushions of your couch at home to afford a multi-million dollar :30-second commercial, think local here people. While ad rates will be elevated even on local affiliates during the Super Bowl, they will be more reasonable then you might think and if Continue Reading

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Why You Should Ignore Your Listings On Facebook

I meet with a lot of REALTORS┬« looking for unique ways to market themselves and their listings and the conversation inevitably turns to Facebook and how the incredibly powerful and popular social network can drive new business to their website and ultimately help them sell more CT real estate. The first question that is always asked after we get through the basics of setting up a Facebook page is, how can I share my listings on Facebook? And my next question is always, you want to do what now? Facebook is not for selling Social networks are like going to a networking event. The concept isn’t really all that new. You go to a networking event and you get to Continue Reading

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3 SEO Tricks For Using Pinterest

Real estate is a visual business. Clients want to see properties before they plunk down a big amount of money on them. That’s why the Internet is such a boon for CT real estate professionals who are building a brand and trying to set their listings apart from the next person. Pinterest is the most visual of all social networks, in fact it is entirely based on visuals. Whether it be photos or YouTube videos, sharing visuals on the network is the crucial component to success. That’s why Pinterest is such a perfect fit for selling real estate. Why Pinterest? Why Now? With so many other social networks out there to be mastered, Pinterest has emerged as one of the Continue Reading

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Is A Virtual Marketing Team Right For You?

We’ve all played the game before. I have a Facebook page so I must be doing Internet Marketing the right way. The truth is, marketing in the CT real estate space is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and networking events. These tactics have given way to social media and Search Engine Optimization. Are you competing in this new marketing world? Marketing today requires a handful of factors to be working in concert with one another to develop any traction online and ultimately drive new leads to your business. It is not as simple as putting up a web page and hoping that people visit it. It is important to be well versed Continue Reading

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The One Thing You Should Do Everyday To Market Your Business Online

Running your CT real estate business can get pretty hectic. You’ve got a million things to think about every day and even more things that come up unexpectedly. Between setting up new clients with saved searches and taking current clients on showings and all of the other clerical things you need to do for your business, finding time or brain power to think about Internet Marketing can be a daunting task. Internet Marketing could be a full time job If you’re already spending most of your day running your real estate business do you have time to take on another full time job? Of course not. So how do you manage your Internet Marketing efforts without distracting your from your Continue Reading

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Why Google+ Actually Matters

Anyone who has taken my Internet Marketing 101 class knows that I am a HUGE proponent of starting any social media marketing efforts with Facebook. There are a number of reasons, but the main was is that it is the biggest and most used social network on the planet. However, there are good reasons to reconsider the use of one of the lesser known and lesser used social networks, Google+. In the next year a large swath of the social media marketing landscape will remain the same, but some things may change, as pointed out in this article. One of those things is the importance that search engine giant Google will place on social cues from it’s own social network, Continue Reading

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