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Using Task Manager To Stay Connected To Your Clients

In this ultra-connected world that we live in it is vitally important to stay top of mind with your clients and any potential clients that you may work with in the future. Staying top of mind is hard work and it doesn’t necessarily pay off in the short term, but when it does pay off it can pay off in a big way. The beauty of the Internet is that it is now possible for you to stay top of mind with potential clients without having to spend a fortune on billboards, radio ads, newspaper spreads and the like. You have the tools at your disposal to maintain that connection with people who you may or may not be working Continue Reading

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How To: Create An E-mail Template In MLXchange

Did you know that you have a nearly full fledged e-mail marketing solution right inside MLXchange? It’s true. You have the ability to set-up saved searches of course, but this function of MLXchange goes well beyond save searches and gives you the ability to manage all of your client communication without learning or paying for a new system. E-mailing out of MLXchange is fairly straight forward, but you can also create e-mail templates to streamline your efforts and fully customize the solution to your needs. A quick three step process is all it takes to accomplish this customization. We’re going to start on the “Send E-mail” dialogue box that you can open by hovering over the “Messages” tab on the Continue Reading

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Why You Should Be Using Client Manager

MLXchange offers some pretty incredible tools for you to do your job better and more efficiently, but some of them go unused or are incredibly under utilized. Client Manager is one of those tools. Client Manager allows you to have a full blown client database without spending any additional money on a third party solution and the best part of it all is that it is fully integrated into the system that you already do most of your work from, MLXchange. So right off the bat you’ve got two very good reasons why you should be using Client Manager. The first reason is a financial one. You could go out and spend a tremendous amount of money on a Customer Continue Reading

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Seven Steps To Prepare For The Spring Market Now

Many CT real estate professionals believe that the spring market doesn’t necessarily begin in March or April or May, but rather it starts at the first of the new year. While the sub-zero temperatures don’t quite feel like you could call it a “spring” market, the calendar translates to a brief period of time between now and the first buds popping out of the softened soil. Therefore, it is imperative to start preparing for the spring market now. With that in mind, what can you possibly do to get ready when there may not be any listing or showing appointments to go to this week or next? Here are seven steps you can take today that will help you prepare Continue Reading

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