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Fusion MLS Is Setting Off CT Real Estate Fireworks!!

It’s time to celebrate the founding of this great nation of ours. Through this weekend towns across the Nutmeg State will be lighting up fireworks to celebrate the independence of our country. Before the fireworks starting shooting high into the sky we are celebrating the new found independence of the Connecticut real estate community on our new MLS platform, Fusion MLS. The next training date on the new Fusion MLS system is on Monday July 8th, but you don’t have to wait until then to get familiar with the new system. You can learn all of the basic skills required to get a handle on Fusion simply by visiting this page. Watch brief videos on adding a listing, using the Continue Reading

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What You’re Saying About CTMLS

We recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey of our members to see what you had to say about the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service. As you are the people in the field using the system to conduct Connecticut real estate business, we wanted to get an understanding of how you see us and how we could improve. In that vein, I’d like to share some of the comments we received from our members and also get your opinion as well, if you were unable to fill out the survey. Please share your thoughts on how CTMLS is doing and how we could improve our services for you in the coming weeks and months in the comments below. We take your opinion Continue Reading

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Compliance Blog: CTMLS Game On

You may have seen the great Connecticut Association of REALTORS┬« feature in their Hotsheet called “Game On.” We like it so much that we’ve decided to play our own version of the game right here at CTMLS. When you’re listing Connecticut real estate there are certain things that can be confusing and one of them is bathrooms. How do you list the number of bathrooms in a property? GAME ON!! If your listing has 2 full and 1 half baths, you would enter ? for total number of baths: A) 2.1 B) 2.5 If you selected B you are incorrect. This would mean that that the home has 5 half baths. One of the most common mistakes agents make in Continue Reading

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What Is An Internet Meme and Why Should You Care?

Internet marketing doesn’t have to be just about boring stuff like Pay Per Click advertising and LinkedIn, it can be so much more and with a little creativity that so much more could turn your business into a locomotive of growth. Why not start an Internet Meme? What’s an Internet Meme? I’m glad you asked. Here is the wikipedia page to give you a full definition, but the basic gist is it is really anything that spreads like wildfire online. There are no specific channels that it must travel through, but more often then not an Internet Meme flows through social networks. You may have seen some Internet Memes without even knowing it. Have you seen this video for the Continue Reading

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