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8 Out Of 10 People Think Home Ownership Is A Good Investment

It’s very easy for folks who are working in a down CT real estate market to feel that the general public will ever come back to buying a home and that the market will turn around. When you’re in it every day it is very easy to lose sight of the fact that nearly 80% of Americans surveyed still think home ownership is an important part of the American Dream. It is easy to think the market may never rebound. Rest assured, it will. When in a recent survey of it’s readers Better Homes and Gardens found just that, that 80% of people still consider home ownership important. The survey also had some other interesting findings which are detailed here. Continue Reading

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What Do CT Real Estate Buyers Want?

In an effort to make our public search site, CTReal.com more responsive to the needs of our members and in turn the interests of your clients, we are working to develop a FAR more robust advanced search for the site. This search will allow visitors to CTReal.com to search for CT real estate by address, zip code, city and many other general features. The advanced search will also allow visitors to drill down even further and look for specific features that a home has to offer. For instance, if I were looking for a piece of CT real estate that had a swimming pool, I would be able to do that with the new advanced search. We want to make Continue Reading

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