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Compliance Blog: Commission Continued

In recent months we’ve been discussing Commission and how it should be offered in the MLS. Today we’re taking a look at commission and how to remain within the CTMLS Rules and Regulations when discussing it in the MLS. We are seeing the statement “if purchaser is a licensed Realtor, no commission will be paid” or similar statement(s) appearing in many listings lately. This statement is in violation of CTMLS Rules and Regulations. CTMLS Basic Agreement and NAR MLS Policy state that entitlement to the cooperating broker commission is determined by the identity of the buyer agent who is the procuring cause of the successful transaction. There are no further qualifications or comments that can change these criteria. If clients Continue Reading

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Where To Find It: CTMLS Documents in MLXchange

The good news is, by reading this, you’re already in the right place to find all of the documents you might need to interact with CTMLS. You’ve got your CTMLS Rules and Regulations, a simple place to grab all of our forms and you can even do some digging in to our statistics. The bad news is, you’re not always on this site to find that information. Where is the one place you go EVERYDAY? If you answered MLXchange then you might be a REALTOR® with the CTMLS. If you’re in MLXchange and you find yourself needing to take a peak at the CTMLS Rules and Regulations or are curious about the most recent statewide statistics, there’s one simple place Continue Reading

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Membership Blog: Don’t give away the keys to the kingdom–

Passwords are like keys, used to unlock doors that open to hidden treasures. Consider the passwords you have and why. What do they unlock? When you were given your CTMLS User ID and Password, it was to allow access for you to enter and amend listings, perform searches, run reports, and take advantage of the variety of services that CTMLS provides, such as Data Co-Op and Kurio. Use of these applications is limited to Participants, Subscribers Administrative Assistants who have completed an application to join our service and paid all applicable fees. As a member of CTMLS, you are expected to practice “smart computing”, which means that you must follow the most basic of the “smart computing” principles of not Continue Reading

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