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What Does Internet Y/N Mean Inside MLXchange?

I’m glad you asked. When entering a listing into MLXchange you may have noticed three fields that require a Y/N and relate to the Internet. These fields relate to your listings and where you want them to go on the Internet. It’s pretty straightforward actually. Here’s the section of the listing input field that I am talking about: Let’s take these one at a time. The first one is the one that really needs some explanation. This field describes a group of websites that your listings can be syndicated to through our ListHub partner. All Brokers are currently opted in to these selections and their listings will be syndicated to 10 of the top real estate search sites on the Continue Reading

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5 Reasons To Pay Your CTMLS Access Fees Today

It’s that time of year again, when your CTMLS access fees are due. While the bills aren’t officially due until April 30th, there is good reason to get the fees paid now. You already know that the MLS is the lifeblood of your business, without it you wouldn’t be able to expose your listings to over 10,000 CT REALTORS® as well as REALTORS® from Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Florida, New York and New Jersey using data co-op. As if that weren’t a big enough reason, here are five other reasons to get these fees paid today. 1.) Listing syndication: With 90% of all consumers starting their search for CT homes for sale online listing syndication has become one of Continue Reading

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Access Walk Score From All Listings In MLXchange

Last month I introduced you to Walk Score. This incredibly powerful tool is currently available on all CT real estate listings on CTReal.com, but that’s not where you do your business right? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Walk Score available to you from within MLXchange? Now it is!! Walk Score has been added to all of the listings in MLXchange as well. So now you have this incredibly powerful piece of neighborhood information available to you with just the click of a button. Here’s how to find it. 1.) Find it using the iBubble: (Click image to enlarge) 2.) Find it on the Listing Details page for all listings: (Click image to enlarge) And here’s what you’ll see Continue Reading

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Don’t Be Listless About Listing Syndication

Over the past few months listing syndication has become a real hot button issue. The discussion has long been one that has caused mixed feelings among the CT real estate community. There are some brokerages across the country that have started to pull their listings from syndication partner. Abbott Real Estate Group in San Diego made a big splash when they released this YouTube video decrying listing syndication. If you take the opposite view and believe that listing syndication has a benefit to you and your business, but continue to be worried about your information being used without your permission or being charged for upsells by 3rd party sites, I have good news for you. As a member of CTMLS Continue Reading

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A Picture Says A Thousand Words…How About Three?

Do a search for CT real estate on any of the national search engines and you’ll find a complete list of CT homes for sale based on the criteria you’ve specified, but you’ll also get a whole bunch of other information surrounding those results that cloud your view. Let’s try a search on Zillow.com for instance. The criteria I am going to use is Wallingford, CT 300,000 – 400,000. The search is pretty simple to use, but the results, that’s a whole other question. Take a look at what I get. Click the image to view larger Keep in mind, I am acting in the role of a consumer, coming to one of these search sites to FIND a piece Continue Reading

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Found A House I Might Like, But Baby It’s Cold Outside

One of my favorite holiday classic songs and a song that I listen to even after the holidays is “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” One of my favorite versions of the song was performed by James Taylor and Natalie Cole and you can watch it below. Why am I telling you about a holiday song that I really like on January 13th? Well, this weekend, baby it’s going to be COLD outside. If the forecast is to believed we might see temperatures in the single digits. This kind of brutal cold is really making it’s first appearance of the winter here in Connecticut. We’ve actually been pretty lucky that this winter has been fairly generous for those looking for CT homes Continue Reading

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Five Tools To Create A Stellar Listing Presentation

What can make or break a listing appointment? There are many factors. Some are out of your control such as how well you click with the homeowners. Others however are easily controlled and will help make your appointment a success. One factor that is critical to a successful listing appointment is your listing presentation. How well you have positioned yourself, the market and the subject property to your potential clients will show that you stack up among the elite REALTORS® in the state of Connecticut and could end up earning you the listing. So how can you set your listing presentations apart? First, you need to be an expert on the CT real estate market. You’ve got that one covered Continue Reading

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