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Put Your Feet On The Sandy Beaches Of Miami

With the mercury topping out at ZERO today here in the beautiful Nutmeg State you may have a snow bird or two in the making looking to find refuge in the 84 degree temperatures of Miami this weekend. If you’ve got one of those smart cookies on your client roster you’d be well served by taking a gander at the Data Co-op. Data Co-Op is an incredibly powerful tool that gives you and your clients access to listings from throughout the country. We’ve developed partnerships with a number of MLSs throughout the country to give you access to their listings and in turn, expose your listings to their members. One of those partnerships is with the Miami Association of REALTORS®. Continue Reading

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Help Snow Birds Prepare For Their Flights South

When I was growing up I was very close to my grandparents. We would spend weeks at a time on Cape Cod with Nana and Grandpa with the JJ (that was their dog’s name, JJ.) It was a wonderful thing to spend so much time with my grandparents and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Then, all of a sudden, they would be gone for a few months in the winter. They headed down to Florida to enjoy the warmth and sand of the Sunshine State. They were what you would call snow birds. Thinking back on it from a real estate perspective it must have been awfully hard for them to find a place to spend a few Continue Reading

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Winters In Florida? Yes Please.

I know it’s somewhat unfair to be talking about winter right now considering we’re all desperately hanging on to the last days of summer. The kids are heading back to school and with the first snowflakes set to fly only months from now what better time then today is there to consider securing your piece of the Sunshine State. Assuming you accept my premise that today, during the lingering days of summer, is the day to look for a piece of property in Florida, what does that have to do with CTMLS? Turns out it actually has quite a lot to do with CTMLS. You see with our new product Data Co-Op you can search listings in from Florida all Continue Reading

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Cool Off With Data Co-Op On The Jersey Shore And Beyond

As the mercury continues to be peaking in the 90’s your CT real estate clients might be finding themselves desperate to find the shoreline of any and all towns. They might have decided that they are happy to dip their toes in the beautiful waters of Rhode Island or take a dip off the Jersey Shore. Enter Data Co-Op, the new CTMLS benefit that will allow you to search nearly 130,000 active listings from across the United States. This incredibly powerful tool will allow you to continue to be a resource for your clients even if they are not looking specifically in Connecticut. Whether they are moving for a job or looking for a second home, you can be the Continue Reading

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CTMLS Chooses Not To Adopt RPR At This Time

After careful review and consideration of the REALTOR® Property Resource (RPR) and other similar products, the CTMLS Board of Directors has decided not to adopt RPR at this time. CTMLS Services vs. RPR: When comparing RPR to the products and services CTMLS already offers (especially the statewide tax data, foreclosure data, REO, and short sale data) it became clear that CTMLS’ Realist data was both more accurate and more frequently updated than what RPR currently provides. Our conclusion was confirmed by multiple other MLSs that have adopted RPR, but found it fell short of their expectations. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR CTMLS MEMBERS: As a product of the National Association of REALTORS® and paid for by your REALTOR® dues dollars, Read Continue Reading

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Membership Blog: Get To Know Our Site

You are all familiar with MLXchange, the place you go to enter and amend listings, to check your Hotsheet, work on your client list, and to access Realist and Data Co-Op. But you might also want to check out this site you are on now which has other important information that will be useful. At ctmls.ctreal.com you will find Adam’s lively and informative blogs. Click on the “Learn” tab to access all of the learning opportunities that we offer, including YouTube videos and a list of the upcoming webinars. Under the “Tools” tab is where you will find information about Realist, the ListHub, ShowingAssist and Kurio, our mobile app. The “Help” tab shows you several options for getting assistance with Continue Reading

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5 Steps To Beating The Heat While Searching Connecticut Real Estate

Being a CT REALTOR® is great almost all of the time because you get to run on your own schedule and spend a large part of your work life running from place to place and enjoying the sites and sounds of your town all along the way. However, when you run into hot and sticky weather like we’ve had the last few days you can head home after a long day of running around and be a hot sticky mess. We’re here to help you avoid that. There’s nothing worse then finishing up with your work for the day and feeling like your clothes are stuck to you so tightly that you can’t get out of them. If you follow Continue Reading

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