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Put Your Feet On The Sandy Beaches Of Miami

With the mercury topping out at ZERO today here in the beautiful Nutmeg State you may have a snow bird or two in the making looking to find refuge in the 84 degree temperatures of Miami this weekend. If you’ve got one of those smart cookies on your client roster you’d be well served by taking a gander at the Data Co-op. Data Co-Op is an incredibly powerful tool that gives you and your clients access to listings from throughout the country. We’ve developed partnerships with a number of MLSs throughout the country to give you access to their listings and in turn, expose your listings to their members. One of those partnerships is with the Miami Association of REALTORS®. Continue Reading

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The Power Of Statistics In Fusion MLS

If you haven’t made the switch to Fusion MLS yet, this might tip the scales for you. Did you know that the new statistics package available in Fusion MLS is more powerful then ever? It’s also easier to use then it ever has been. Statistics can be accessed in a couple of different spots, but the easiest is in the upper right hand corner of the listing results grid. If you click the button that looks like a bar graph you’ll gain access to statistics specifically related to your search. Click the button and you’ll find a gold mine of resources that you can use to empower your clients in their decision making process. Click the image above to make Continue Reading

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Learn Fusion MLS A Half An Hour At A Time

Here at CTMLS we recognize that in the course of your busy day it’s very difficult to squeeze in time to learn a new system for adding your listings and searching the MLS. That’s why we’ve decided to boil down training into :30-minute sessions that are focused on the key components of using FusionMLS in CT real estate business. We’ve also added some night classes so you can avoid having to spend precious time away from the office or clients and train at your convenience. In October we have a full slate of training classes that will help you learn the ins and outs of FusionMLS. As the days get colder and the nights get longer we are starting to Continue Reading

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What The New Face Of The MLS Means For You

The new face of the MLS is coming on Wednesday August 21st and it brings with it some exciting new features that will allow you to do many of the things that our members have been asking for for a long time now. The first is the ability to access your password quickly and easily if you forget it. Now, without having to call the MLS or your Service Center you’ll have access to your password with the click of a link. This will undoubtedly aide you when you’re in the field doing CT real estate business on the weekends or outside of our regular business hours and you need your password to access MLS data. The second equally important Continue Reading

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5 Reasons To Use Fusion MLS For Contact Management

There are endless options when it comes to contact management solutions available to you for your business. You can use Microsoft Outlook to maintain a solid database of contacts. Maybe you’re a Google person and want to store all your contacts in Gmail. Most of these options will sync with your mobile phone contacts as well. They are good options, but there is one that you may have not thought of, but that makes the most sense for your business contacts. Using the contact management system in Fusion MLS is your best option for keeping your real estate clients and contacts in order. Why is Fusion MLS a better solution then some of the third party programs that are available Continue Reading

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Uploading CT Real Estate Photos Just Got Easier

Congratulations you just secured a wonderful listing and you’ve taken some spectacular photos. You’re ready to add your listing to the MLS and you slog on over to the MLXchange to create your listing and get it in front of the 10,000+ CT REALTORS® that are members of the CTMLS. From the beginning it’s not too bad, but then you get to the photos. You’ve taken 25 spectacular photos of this new listing and can’t wait to get them into the system for the world to see. You know that these photos are going to instantly get this property some attention. Then you come to realize that this is going to take a lot longer then you had expected. Enter Continue Reading

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New Year – New Training!!

In 2012 CTMLS trained nearly 50% of our members. While we were thrilled with that number, we want to exceed it in 2013 by a LOT and you can help. Simply forward this post to all of your colleagues and let them know that while the market is a little bit slower post-holiday, now is a great time to get familiar with the new products and services that we’re offering. Here are the latest class offerings. Just to brush you up on the specifics CTMLS training is: FREE and open to anyone who would like to learn more about FusionMLS and Realist Available online so you can take the classes from the comfort of your own home or office One Continue Reading

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