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This Week In CT Real Estate Training

The kids/grandkids are back at school and now you have a little bit more time for yourself and your business so why not put it in overdrive with some free online training from the CT Multiple Listing Service. Not only do we offer training on the tools and benefits that you have by being a member of CTMLS, but we also have training sceheduled that will help bring in more business for you and help streamline your operation. This week join us for a couple of classes that will help you to generate the kind of business that is so difficult to come by in the fall/winter months. On Tuesday September 10th, get a beginners guide to marketing your listings Continue Reading

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10 Things You’ll Learn On Internet Marketing 102

Bright and early tomorrow morning, if you’ve had your first cup of coffee and have been able to wipe the sleep away from your eyes you’ll be among the select few who will find the key to unlocking CT real estate success online. That is, only if you sign up for our Internet Marketing 102 class which starts at 9a. The class, which runs an hour, will cover a whole host of topics, but the main thing to know is that at any one time there are nearly 5 million homes for sale on the web in the United States and you need to get some attention. This class will teach you how to get that attention. Here are the Continue Reading

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Back To School With CTMLS

You’ve most likely been to a store or two in the last few weeks and taken a peak at the back to school racks. Yup they are out in full force already and it’s not even August yet. We figured we could jump on that bandwagon, but the difference is our school is already in session. No more home room. No more lunch lines. Just you, your computer and our MLS trainer to walk you through the tools that will help you do more business. In the month of August we will be offering you classes that will help you make the most of the MLS and introduce you to the latest addition to our MLS family, the CT Real Continue Reading

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Get Ready For Fusion MLS With May Training

Fusion MLS is the next generation of MLS which gives you the ability to access and edit your listings from the platform that you are most comfortable with. If you’re a Mac user, you can access Fusion MLS natively. If you’re a Chrome, Firefox, Safari or other web browser user, no problem, you can access FusionMLS without any troubles. This is the great news about Fusion MLS. Along with the most obvious new accessibility features, Fusion MLS will make doing your Connecticut real estate business easier and more efficient, but you have to know where to look for the new tools and tricks. Enter our trainer Lauren. Get signed up today for the next round of training coming up in Continue Reading

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CTMLS Month In Review – February 2013

Ahhhhh good old short February. Just 28 brief days to muddle through and dream of the warm air of March to come. It was quite the February wasn’t it. Between the Blizzard of 2013 and the bug that caught just about everyone you know, it was a tough February to get through, but you MADE IT!! In case you were tied up digging out or laid up in bed, we wanted to let you in on some of the goings on around the water cooler here at CTMLS. Here it is, the much anticipated Month In Review for your viewing pleasure. This is our monthly digest of all the important stories that have hit the screens of CTMLS readers everywhere Continue Reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Include QR Codes In Your Internet Marketing

There are some technologies when used right that can make our lives better. The car is a technology that has allowed us to reach our destination quicker and more easily for instance. Where would we be without cars? Getting from point A to point B in a car is simple and quick. The car is great, but when used unnecessarily it can slow you down and make your trip longer for no point. You wouldn’t for instance, get in your car to go to your next door neighbor’s house. You would simply walk next door. If you had to remember your keys, get in your car, start your car, back it out of your driveway, drive 30 feet, pull into Continue Reading

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Compliance Blog: Craigslist Scams

While we continue to espouse the importance of Internet Marketing and the role that listing syndication can play in your online strategy, it is also important to remember that there are unscrupulous people that will try to manipulate information to scam unsuspecting home buyers/renters into parting ways with a financial deposit on a property. This type of thing is happening on Craigslist. Criminals are gathering information from various sources online and then repackaging listings that are on the market for sale as rentals. The listing is posted on Craigslist under the guise that the landlord is in a real hurry to rent the property. Unsuspecting tenants are then asked for a deposit and the criminal takes off with the deposit. Continue Reading

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