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Be You. Be Unique.

What sets you apart from other Connecticut real estate professionals? Do you sell more homes? Maybe. Do you have a bigger marketing budget? Maybe. Do you have more connections? Maybe. Think about this question in a deeper way though. What truly makes you unique. What is something that should make a lead go from considering a number of different CT REALTORS® to ultimately choosing you? I’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with volume of sales, marketing budgets or connections. It doesn’t even have to do with your fancy business cards or your souped up Facebook page. What can ultimately seal the deal and turn a lead into a client? YOU. That’s right, plain and simple it’s Continue Reading

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Five Ways To Generate Leads From CTReal.com

With the CT real estate market the way it is these days, REALTORS® are looking for any and all ways to generate leads for their listings. If you’re one of those REALTOERS® I have good news for you. CTReal.com sends leads directly to our members which allows you to send your clients and potential clients to the site to look at property without fear of losing them to another REALTOR® who has paid for premium placement, because there is no premium placement on CTReal.com. CTReal.com is completely free of advertising and the site sends all leads directly to our members. The other good news about CTReal.com is that the site sends the same percentage of leads to our members that Continue Reading

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