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The One Thing You Should Do Everyday To Market Your Business Online

Running your CT real estate business can get pretty hectic. You’ve got a million things to think about every day and even more things that come up unexpectedly. Between setting up new clients with saved searches and taking current clients on showings and all of the other clerical things you need to do for your business, finding time or brain power to think about Internet Marketing can be a daunting task. Internet Marketing could be a full time job If you’re already spending most of your day running your real estate business do you have time to take on another full time job? Of course not. So how do you manage your Internet Marketing efforts without distracting your from your Continue Reading

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10 Things You’ll Learn On Internet Marketing 102

Bright and early tomorrow morning, if you’ve had your first cup of coffee and have been able to wipe the sleep away from your eyes you’ll be among the select few who will find the key to unlocking CT real estate success online. That is, only if you sign up for our Internet Marketing 102 class which starts at 9a. The class, which runs an hour, will cover a whole host of topics, but the main thing to know is that at any one time there are nearly 5 million homes for sale on the web in the United States and you need to get some attention. This class will teach you how to get that attention. Here are the Continue Reading

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5 Sites You Should Ignore For Your Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing takes a lot of time. It’s not all that expensive, but it costs you a lot of time/sweat equity (if you’re doing it yourself.) If you hire a company to do it for you it can then get expensive in dollars and cents. Assuming you’re taking care of your own Internet Marketing you’re going to need to focus your efforts on the websites and services that will truly benefit your business and grow your client base. The sites that I highly recommend to gain more exposure for you and your listings are Facebook, YouTube and Google. These three sites will take time to master using in your business, but once you do you’ll be driving traffic to your Continue Reading

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Why Your Social Media Efforts Aren’t Working

I hear it all the time from Connecticut REALTORS®, “I would do social media, but I don’t think it works.” Truth be told, it probably doesn’t work. You probably post to Facebook a million times a day and no one ever responds. Maybe you spend your day buried in Twitter and get no retweets. YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all the same story, nothing to show for your efforts. Then the question becomes, WHY. Why aren’t I getting people to like my page? Why aren’t people following me? Subscribing to me? Re-pinning me? The simple answer is, you’re trying too hard. There, I said it. It’s true, you’re trying too hard. Let me tell you a story about a Facebook page owner Continue Reading

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Twelve Days of Tips and Tricks (Day 5)

On the first day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, a mobile search in Kurio. On the second day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, two ways of searching. On the third day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, three links to Realist. On the fourth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, four sites worth viewing. On the fifth day of tips and tricks my MLS gave to me, five social sites. I know I know, we have a TON of websites for you to connect with us on, but there is a lot of information about the CT real estate market that we want to share Continue Reading

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90% of REALTORS® Don’t Do This…But Should

Would you believe me if I told you that 90% of REALTORS® do not have a blog? 90% You could look at this number in two ways: 1.) Most people don’t have blogs because they don’t work 2.) Most people don’t have blogs, so if I started one, I would have a leg up on my competition. We choose to look at it from that perspective.  This statistic was recently reported in NAR’s 2011 Member Guide, along with other jaw dropping Internet Marketing statistics which you can read more about here. You can certainly find REALTORS® who are out there working on their Internet Marketing and having tremendous success using tools that in many cases are free and require only Continue Reading

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