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The New Face Of The MLS: What Do These Buttons Do?

Hopefully by now you’ve had an opportunity to log-in to the MLS using the “New Face of the MLS” login screen. This screen provides you with a number of new, very helpful tools, to make sure your CT real estate business stays on track. First, it gives you full control over your password. When you forget your password you can have the system generate an e-mail to you with that password so you can then access the system with no problem. If your password becomes compromised and you want to change it, you can easily do that as well. Second, this new portal puts all of the MLS and Association tools you use everyday in one spot so when you Continue Reading

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Membership Blog: Get To Know Our Site

You are all familiar with MLXchange, the place you go to enter and amend listings, to check your Hotsheet, work on your client list, and to access Realist and Data Co-Op. But you might also want to check out this site you are on now which has other important information that will be useful. At ctmls.ctreal.com you will find Adam’s lively and informative blogs. Click on the “Learn” tab to access all of the learning opportunities that we offer, including YouTube videos and a list of the upcoming webinars. Under the “Tools” tab is where you will find information about Realist, the ListHub, ShowingAssist and Kurio, our mobile app. The “Help” tab shows you several options for getting assistance with Continue Reading

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What Does Internet Y/N Mean Inside MLXchange?

I’m glad you asked. When entering a listing into MLXchange you may have noticed three fields that require a Y/N and relate to the Internet. These fields relate to your listings and where you want them to go on the Internet. It’s pretty straightforward actually. Here’s the section of the listing input field that I am talking about: Let’s take these one at a time. The first one is the one that really needs some explanation. This field describes a group of websites that your listings can be syndicated to through our ListHub partner. All Brokers are currently opted in to these selections and their listings will be syndicated to 10 of the top real estate search sites on the Continue Reading

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Don’t Be Listless About Listing Syndication

Over the past few months listing syndication has become a real hot button issue. The discussion has long been one that has caused mixed feelings among the CT real estate community. There are some brokerages across the country that have started to pull their listings from syndication partner. Abbott Real Estate Group in San Diego made a big splash when they released this YouTube video decrying listing syndication. If you take the opposite view and believe that listing syndication has a benefit to you and your business, but continue to be worried about your information being used without your permission or being charged for upsells by 3rd party sites, I have good news for you. As a member of CTMLS Continue Reading

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