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Compliance Blog: Craigslist Scams

While we continue to espouse the importance of Internet Marketing and the role that listing syndication can play in your online strategy, it is also important to remember that there are unscrupulous people that will try to manipulate information to scam unsuspecting home buyers/renters into parting ways with a financial deposit on a property. This type of thing is happening on Craigslist. Criminals are gathering information from various sources online and then repackaging listings that are on the market for sale as rentals. The listing is posted on Craigslist under the guise that the landlord is in a real hurry to rent the property. Unsuspecting tenants are then asked for a deposit and the criminal takes off with the deposit. Continue Reading

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Compliance Blog: How To Properly Note Square Footage

Square footage in the MLS should reflect the town (public record) square footage amount even though CTMLS gives the three source options; OWNER, TOWN and AGENT. Finding the public records square footage information is made exponentially easier with the help of Realist. We always remind agents that it is better to err on the side of the Town. So if you’re going to use something other than the town square footage amount, please state the difference in square footage in the remarks so as to not mislead other agents and the public. When your Connecticut real estate listings go out onto the internet via listing syndication, to sites such as Trulia and Zillow, the source of the square footage is Continue Reading

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What Does Internet Y/N Mean Inside MLXchange?

I’m glad you asked. When entering a listing into MLXchange you may have noticed three fields that require a Y/N and relate to the Internet. These fields relate to your listings and where you want them to go on the Internet. It’s pretty straightforward actually. Here’s the section of the listing input field that I am talking about: Let’s take these one at a time. The first one is the one that really needs some explanation. This field describes a group of websites that your listings can be syndicated to through our ListHub partner. All Brokers are currently opted in to these selections and their listings will be syndicated to 10 of the top real estate search sites on the Continue Reading

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How To: Reorder Your Photos In MLXchange

Photos are the lifeblood of your listings online as we’ve discussed many times before. The importance of taking great photos or having great photos taken for you cannot be understated. In fact with 90% of all home buyers starting their home search online and photos being the “face” of your property online it is the most important piece of your Internet Marketing efforts. < Enter to win a FREE Professional Home Photo Shoot > Once you have great photos, you’ll also want to order them appropriately inside MLXchange. When your photos are entered into our system and then sent, via ListHub, to our syndication partners, they are sent with the first few photos that are pulled directly from MLXchange. Take Continue Reading

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5 Reasons To Pay Your CTMLS Access Fees Today

It’s that time of year again, when your CTMLS access fees are due. While the bills aren’t officially due until April 30th, there is good reason to get the fees paid now. You already know that the MLS is the lifeblood of your business, without it you wouldn’t be able to expose your listings to over 10,000 CT REALTORS® as well as REALTORS® from Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Florida, New York and New Jersey using data co-op. As if that weren’t a big enough reason, here are five other reasons to get these fees paid today. 1.) Listing syndication: With 90% of all consumers starting their search for CT homes for sale online listing syndication has become one of Continue Reading

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Time To Pay Your CTMLS Fees

Ok, so it doesn’t have quite the ring to it as the time to make the donuts commercial, but it is an important part of keeping the MLS running smoothly. (Sidebar: the DD commercial claims to have 52 varieties of donuts – stop by your local shop and see if that still rings true, I miss the old days of all donuts all the time.) Your CTMLS fees pay for continued access to the MLS, but also a wide variety of services that can help you run your business more effectively and more efficiently including: Realist 2 Data Co-Op Kurio – Wireless access to MLS listings Listing syndication And so much more… With all that said, it is time to Continue Reading

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What Is SOPA And How Could It Affect You

If you’ve visited Google this morning you may have seen their blacked out logo, the above photo is a screenshot of the homepage. You might have also heard that Wikipedia has gone “black” for the next 24 hours. Just do a search for anything on Wikipedia and you’ll see what they’ve done. So what’s all the hullabaloo? These websites are protesting legislation that is currently being considered in the U.S. Congress called SOPA and PIPA. SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act and it’s sister legislation PIPA or Protect IP (Intellectual Property) Act are being introduced by Congress to combat piracy online. Seems like a pretty noble cause right? Well, a closer look at the legislation might give you pause. Continue Reading

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