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Use This Surefire Technique To Drive Your Clients AWAY

There are so many fantastic techniques that you can use for your Internet Marketing that will drive traffic to your listings and in turn build your client database. You can work on your Search Engine Optimization. You can take amazing photos or have professional photos taken. You can start a blog, build a Facebook page, shoot YouTube videos and so much more. The list goes on and on, but there is one surefire technique that will drive more clients AWAY from your business. I know you’re dying to know what that technique is… WRITING ALL OF YOUR PROPERTY DESCRIPTIONS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!! Oh you’ve seen it before where a REALTOR┬« has decided that writing their property description in all Continue Reading

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What The Hunger Games Phenomenon Taught Me About CT Real Estate

Today marks the culmination of a cultural phenomenon that started way back on September 14th of 2008. The phenomenon of The Hunger Games book is like nothing the literary world has seen since the Harry Potter stories were first released. Today, the film adaptation has been released and lovers of the book will flock to theaters and undoubtedly make it a tremendous smash. So what can we learn from a book about a post-apocalyptic world where teenagers battle each other to the death on a reality show? There are many lessons that could be drawn from the story itself, but I want to focus on the phenomenon surrounding the book and then the movie release. Despite incessant calls that the Continue Reading

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